Australian Hells Angels bikies cause ‘havoc’ in Thailand and shoot in Pattaya

1660378270 Australian Hells Angels bikies cause havoc in Thailand and shoot
1660378270 Australian Hells Angels bikies cause havoc in Thailand and shoot

Australian Hells Angels are suspected of being involved in the killing of a Thai man and are wreaking “havoc” in Thailand as a violent new commander attempts to establish “a power network.”

The bikie bang, which is not permitted to exhibit its symbol in Western Australia, is active in Thailand, where Australian members have been violently battling with locals since the Covid-19 travel restrictions were repealed.

Since at least 2015, Australian biker gang members have been embroiled in a nasty fight with Thai villagers, with dozens imprisoned on significant charges.

However, the power battle seems to have increased this month, with photographs of several Australian bikers celebrating in their colors in Thailand emerging.

A Thai guy who belongs to the local Hells Angels chapter says he was shot when gunshots rained down on his house and Harley Davidson motorcycle store.

According to the Daily Telegraph, he suffered leg injuries as a result of gunshot holes in his house and automobile.

According to the bike store owner, Australians were calmer during the epidemic, but they were in a power struggle with Thais.

‘Australians are constructing an illegal electricity network in Thailand,’ he stated.

‘They like inflicting different forms of harm and causing numerous issues indefinitely.’

The Australian Hells Angels, headquartered in the party resort of Pattaya, are said to be directed by a guy known only as ‘Aero.’

Aero’s history is unknown, although he is said to be the leader of Australian Hell’s Angels activities worldwide.

The Australian Hells Angels have a nasty history in Thailand.

Antonio Bagnato, 28, of Sydney, was found guilty of killing Hells Angels commander Wayne Schneider in 2015 and sentenced to death in a Thai court in February 2017.

Schneider was abducted on November 30, 2015, by a gang of men hired by Bagnato and bludgeoned to death in Pattaya, south of Bangkok.

Bagnato debuted in 2018. There is no evidence that he is currently engaged in any issue in Thailand. He was recently extradited from Thailand to Australia and charged with the 2014 murder of Bradley Dillon.

Luke Joshua Cook, 34, and Kanyarat Wechapitak, 40, were detained at Bangkok International Airport in 2017 after arriving on an Australian aircraft, thanks to a tip from Thai authorities.

Thai courts condemned the couple to death after they tried to smuggle $300 million worth of methamphetamine.

After four years in a Bangkok prison, both were cleared and freed in 2020.

There is no evidence that either is implicated in the current incidents.

It is understood Thai police have closed down a Hells Angels clubhouse since introducing new powers to deal with the re-emerging threat of bikie violenceKickboxer and Hells Angel Bagnato went to jail but was later released. There is no suggestion he is involved in current trouble in ThailandAnthony Bagnato (pictured) was sentenced in a Thai court to death after hiring four men to kill  Wayne Schneider in 2015 but later releasedAustralian Hells Angels are believed to have been involved in the shooting of a Thai man and are causing'havoc' as a violent new chief seeks to build'a power network' in ThailandPower struggles between Thai and Australian Hells Angels are escalating as the shooting of a local was reported and images have emerged of Australian bikies partying in their colours in Thailand

Several illegal biker gangs are said to be eyeing Thailand as a base in 2022, with the Hells Angels having the most presence thus far.

Thai police are said to have locked down a Hells Angels clubhouse after reintroducing new powers to cope with the resurgence of bikie violence.

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