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  1. Street 750/500 stock design sucks!!! These harleys need new chasis and design and these guys have done a fantastic job! We need something like these no matter they cost more than there current pricing. To mention these concepts were showcased at Auto Expo 2014 India and I was there to feel these beauties.

  2. Congratulations for the entire street team of Harley Davidson. The Commercial clears concepts and solutions

  3. Eric buell did this for harley already so they got rid of him and did it themselves wtf..buell was better

  4. perfect little bike for perfect little sissy bitches and there skinny jeans and gay little euro bitch shoes. go ahead and buy into the biker lifestyle with one of these and get no respect on it. no matter where you go

  5. Finally a Harley that both chicks and skinny jean wearing queers can ride together in harmony. Just like the WNBA…all pussy

  6. Does anyone know the top speed of the 500 I have a v-star 250 top speed is 130kmh I'm hoping this thing can at least hit 160 kmh stock
    I'm highly capable to drive bigger bikes I drove softails, street glides, like it was a walk in the park only reason why I'm interested in this bike it is because motorcycle are extremely hard to insure under the age of 25 If anyone has an idea for top speed plz reply tnx

  7. Did willie G have nothing to do with the street 500/750 design process? He's the head honcho for design, so he'd have final say, right?

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