Alan 100 Strangers 18-100

Alan 100 Strangers 18 100
Alan 100 Strangers 18 100

Alan 100 Strangers 18-100

Alan 100 Strangers 18/100
Death Valley Ca.
I spent a full night at Badwater Basin shooting the Milky Way and doing startrails. (See previous pics) I slept for about two hours under the stars at the basin waiting for the moon to go down. At 4 AM and the moon gone, we shot the Milky way for a few hours. When dawn broke we headed back towards to Stovepipe Wells. Slept a little more in the front seat of my buddies Subaru and then made our way over to the Badwater Saloon. We were sitting at a table, getting something to eat, before heading out to the racetrack and I observe this guy, in thought, sitting at the bar. The light coming in from the window, the way it was hitting the bottles, the guy in thought. I just had to get this pic. I walk over and introduced myself.
Alan was easy to talk to. I told him that I would like to capture what I was seeing with a picture. He said sure, what do you want me to do? “Exactly what you were doing before we stated talking.” Without hesitation Alan went right back to the same position and I stated clicking with my Fuji X100. 5 frames later we were done. I thanked him, and his wife gave me their contact information.
Alan and his wife, Kathy are from Lotus Ca. They belong to a motorcycle club called Hangtown Riders, and were in the middle of a 5 day trip on his Harley Davidson Fatboy. As fate would have it Kathy and Alan are also fellow Burners. Short for people who have been to Burning Man. Hopefully one day we will meet again on the playa.

This picture is #18/100 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the 100 Strangers Flickr Group page

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