Aftermath of Harley Davidson Sportster Motorcycle Crash

Aftermath of Harley Davidson Sportster Motorcycle Crash

Just a video of me explaining how I got into a wreck, what happened to me, and what happened to the bike. I am completely not at fault as the other person crossed into my right of way without looking. My bike days will most likely be over because although its fun, it is not worth your life when you someone else is not paying attention. I got lucky that nothing more serious happened to me cause rolling into a car at 30 MPH can cause some serious damage.
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  1. I have the same bike as you, a 2016. It was painful to see yours banged up like that. What happened to you could happen to any of us on motorcycles. Please be careful out there, and don't take chances. Ride defensively. I hope you get better soon.

  2. OMG, have same Iron, even the same color. glad you mate are alive, hope treatment will go well too. And dont think you should worry about money as long as you are alive, because that all that matters.

  3. The Sportster is dead ….long live the chopper! Get to turning wrenches strip it to the frame see whats salvagable ,get ya a springer front end and rake that shit hooyah!

  4. it really makes me sad to see how you just started moto-vlogging and this happens. Atleast your alive and for that im glad!

  5. You should sell that tank on ChopCult some hipster would love to put that on his next build. He would leave it the same way it looks and talk about how rad it is.

  6. I'm a new rider, just wondering if you have any advice to prevent this kind of thing? I about crashed the other day because some asshole whipped out in front of me, pretty scary

  7. I got tee boned on June 11 on my R6 I feel your pain my hart stopped 5 times and crushed my foot but as soon as I could shift again I was back on my track bike going down and crashes or a part of riding it's in our blood heal fast and ride hard good luck bro

  8. Glad you're OK! I'm one of your subs and I really enjoyed your videos but I don't blame you for being done on two wheels! Again, glad you were able to walk away!!

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