A fitness buff, this innovative engineer pedals with legs, hands

A fitness buff, this innovative engineer pedals with legs, hands

Bengaluru: Sandeep Dahiya, a management consultant from RT Nagar, is nothing short of a headturner when he hits the road on his specially-designed bicycle every morning. He furiously pedals away with both his legs and hands, leaving morning walkers and residents spellbound.

According to him, the bicycle, Gallasa, is considered an option to stay fit for those who don’t have much time to hit the gym or jog due to their busy schedule. He recently applied for a patent for the Gallasa.

After his graduation in mechanical engineering (automotive design) from BMS College of Engineering, Sandeep moved to Canada to study management. He worked in several countries before returning home.

“I worked as a mechanical engineer for long before opting for management. My passion for automobile design never died,” said Sandeep, now CEO of Bengaluru-based Ma Foi Strategic Consultants Private Ltd. He set up a garage in the basement of his house in 2013 on his return to India.

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A fitness buff, Sandeep used to cycle but soon he realized only his lower limbs were getting adequate exercise. That’s how the idea of Galassa was born. “The first version had to be dismantled due to technical glitches, but the second one turned out to be perfect,” he said.

Gallasa hit the road in January 2017. It has a frontwheel-drive pull system, requiring the rider to pull and rotate the handle bar even while pedalling away. Barring its mechanically modified front part, the rest of the bicycle is a conventional one.

Explaining how he got the name for the bicycle, Sandeep said, “Gall comes from galloping. You will never see a fat horse. It signifies fitness. I belong to Haryana where farmers use a machine called Gandasa to chop crops, and it is run by rotating the handle bar. It keeps the arms of farmers fit as they use it on a daily basis. Gall and Gandasa gave rise to Gallasa.”

The frontwheel-drive pull system can be adjusted according to the height of the rider to avoid accidents.
Love for Harley Davidson
During weekends, Sandeep lets his passion for automotobile designing take over him. “I repair, dismantle and create in my garage. Most of my weekends are spent there working on different vehicle models. I do it for friends also,” said Sandeep, who is working on an airconditioner that can be mounted on bikes.
Sandeep loves Harley Davidson bikes and owns a few of them. “Their spares are costly in India. I use Indian parts and have partially redesigned them to suit my comfort,” he added.

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