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  1. I'm got the same issue on my 1998  I have replaced all the ignition New coil , new plus ,plug wires , New timing control  mod new bank angel sensor .The timing control blinks when I try to start it power to the coil still no spark ???????

  2. just a heads up the little blinking red light on the ignition module is how you static time the engine you did put it back in time didn't you after you took that one out right… and if that little red light isn't blinking then there's something more serious going on you may have to take it to a mechanic I know you don't want to do that but you may have to

  3. I'm Having the same exact issue with my 2002 883 O_O If you figure it out please let me know, on mine Ive swapped for a new battery, new plugs, new fuses, new starter relay, still no spark!! turnss over just the same as yours but not firing

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