71-year-old woman breaking the mold of a motorcycle rider

71-year-old woman breaking the mold of a motorcycle rider

71-year-old woman breaking the mold of a motorcycle rider

The sound of Harley-Davidson motorcycles will fill the air this week at Pensacola Beach.

Visit Pensacola is welcoming more than 1,200 riders to town as part of the 2017 Southeast Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) rally.

H.O.G. riders are coming from 23 states. While some may think they know what a motorcycle rider looks like, some are breaking the mold.

For instance, 71-year-old Annette Falls rode on her first motorcycle at the age of 57.

“Listen, there’s nothing any better than the roar of a Harley,” Falls said.

Falls calls her red motorcycle “Lady Bug”. She knows motorcycles aren’t just for men.

“We started off with me riding behind my husband,” Falls exclaimed. “He doesn’t ride fast enough, he does too much looking and I want to get on one and roll. I love the speed.”

She’s battling leukemia, but that hasn’t stopped her from living her life.

Falls said, “We’ve made 48 states on my bike and my husband’s. Then, we flew to Honolulu and rented a bike in Hawaii, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Then, we took an Alaskan cruise and got number 5-0 in Ketchikan, Alaska.”

However, there are dangers that come with riding motorcycles.

“This knee has been replaced because I was thrown off of a motorcycle, landed on gravel and I had to have this knee replaced,” Falls said.

Other riders like Manny Fonseca want to remind drivers to be on the lookout for motorcyclists.

“I just wish people would be paying attention to what they’re doing while they’re driving their cars. Everyone is busy looking at their cell phones,” Fonseca said.

Visit Pensacola is encouraging businesses to welcome these riders.

They’re also asking drivers to be extra careful and “Look Twice for Motorcycles”.

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