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Thrissur: “Uncle, you have the style of a model…” these words from a young man ignited the dreams of a 67-year-old man who was diagnosed with cancer and was going through a tough phase. Finally, he became a model of the Harley Davidson bikes fighting all odds.

Thrissur Peramangalam native Sasidharan was bedridden for months after being affected with cancer. When he stepped out of the house one day in the effect of painkillers, he met with a young man who passed by.

The youngster was interested in Sasidharan’s white long beard that grew when he was bed-ridden for long. First, the man clicked a selfie with him and then commented that he looks like a model. Though the youngster left after that, his words inspired Sasidharan.

Sasidharan before becoming the model

Sasidharan worked as a civil-mechanical contractor in Chennai for 35 years. His wife Saraswathi passed away in 2017. He was diagnosed with cancer one year ago. As it spread to his kidneys and lungs, even chemotherapy could not be performed. Painkillers were the only relief.

When the sympathetic comments of the visitors stated irritating him, Sasidharan decided to stay strong. He was encouraged by oncologist Dr. V P Gangadharan. As he managed to get up from bed, he could also walk after some time.

When his daughter Shari came from Dubai on knowing about his disease, Sasidharan told her about his dream of becoming a model. Shari talked to the Harley Davidson showroom staff in Kochi about the same and they also agreed. Thus Sasidharan went to Kochi with daughter.

When they reached the showroom, everything including photographers were ready there. Fulfilling his dream, Sasidharan posed for photos like a professional model wearing expensive jacket and coolers. Sasidharan’s inspiring story and photos are now shared through WhatsApp of the company staff.

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