5 Indian Motorcycles Modified To Perfection (5 Harley's We'd Rather Ride)

arnab rakshit 323
arnab rakshit 323

The best thing about buying a motorcycle is the fact that more than just being a ride that allows a person to travel, it also represents an ideology, the rider’s personality, and the style that he/she embodies. When talking about Harley-Davidson or Indian Motorcycle Company, the first things that dart through anybody’s mind are the ideas they stand for and what purchasing such a statement bike would mean for the buyer.

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This theory is taken to a whole new different level when customizations and modifications come into play. It allows the owner to show a unique style statement that becomes an extension of the rider’s self, every time they turn on the ignition. These mods have not only created a unique portrayal of some of the most famous Harley’s or Indian’s, but they have also allowed the designer to put forth his vision of what a perfect Harley-Davidson or Indian Motorcycle should look like.

10 Indian Springfield: King Killer Build

via Inked Mag

A mod created by the motocross legend and freestyler Carey Hart, the King Killer is a reimagining of the modern Indian Springfield back to the racing roots it originally embodied. Hart put together a group of professionals, who also happen to be his friends in order to create this devastatingly stylish custom Indian Springfield and displayed the same in the 2019 One Moto Show held in Portland.

Being a simple design that reflects the true essence of old-school racing bikes, the King Killer Mod won the Blue, White and Red Awards for being the ‘Best American Build’ in the show.

9 Harley-Davidson 1200 Sportster: Deus Ex Machina

via GearMoose

There is something about Italian bikes that instantly catch the eye of the viewers and this is exactly what this Harley-Davidson 1200 Sportster modification done by Deus Ex Machina aims to achieve.

It has an adjustable upside-down front-fork and the brakes and wheels used in this modification have been borrowed from Suzuki’s GSX R600, allowing it to cruise at high speeds while not compromising on safety measures.

8 Indian Challenger: Carey Hart Mod

via Cruiser

Carey Hart and his love for Indian Motorcycle Company can be easily understood given the fact that within his limited number of years as a motorcycle custom artist, he has modified a fair number of stock motorcycles that the company produces. Staying true to his love for the company he brought the Indian Challenger mod to the 2020 One Moto Show.

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Judging by first looks a number of important changes could be noticed, which included the high-rising Z bars taken from Torch Industries, a stainless exhaust system made from titanium, as well as a similar can and collector borrowed from Fab28. Fresh graphics and finishes on the air cleaner and the V-twin valve head are additional upgrades, complemented by the fastback custom seat from Saddlemen and fresh tires that are quite different from those given to the stock version of the Indian Challenger.

7 Harley-Davidson 1200 Sportster: OVRLANDR From Combustion Industries

via Pipeburn

Harley-Davidson’s Sportster 1200R has been customized by myriad modification companies but the OVRLANDR created by Combustion Industries has to one of the best there is. Although, when anyone thinks about a Harley-Davidson, the first thing that pops into their head is a relaxed cruiser, Combustion Industries did not have any plan to promote this look and took a different approach altogether while constructing the OVRLANDR.

Decked with rugged features that provide this custom mod the look of an adventure racer, the gauge at the front, as well the headlights are all put together along with a raised fender, while a combination of alloys has been used to replace the standard spoke wheels.

6 Indian Scout: Max’s Mod From Shed Regular

via The Smokey Dogs

Max’s Mod on the classic Indian Scout has to be one of the best Scout mods available out there in the market. Done by Shed Regular, the standard bulky wheels of the Indian Scout have been replaced in this customization with spoked rims and the 2018 tires of the Indian Scout Bobber. The headlight also has been changed to create a unique look and characteristic for the bike providing it the feel of a Café Racer.

Other changes include dynamic drag bars, levers, grips, as well as, a stylish Motogadget disc indicator, which is also, in fact, the only indicators the entire bike has. The repainted tank, custom radiator grills, dyno remap mods done to the engine, new air filter, and a classy custom seat from the Indian Bobber with the rear fenders removed, gives the bike a unique look and feel.

5 Harley-Davidson XL 1200: Kuzuri

via Bike EXIF

Although flaunting a Japanese name, the heart and soul of this custom modified bike is an American cruiser. Modifying the Harley-Davidson XL 1200, Kuzuri was developed by an Indonesian custom workshop that is based in Jakarta. The name Kuzuri in itself means Wolverine, and the bike’s overall look and feel reflect the rugged nature that the name suggests.

However, the real reason behind naming this mod the Kuzuri was to pay a tribute to the classic Japanese cruisers and judging by the work that has been done on the bike, including the different wheels used for the front and the rear, the gold exhausts, and the custom drag bar, it can be easily said that the job was pretty well done.

4 Indian Scout Bobber: Never Off

via Pinterest

This is an Indian Scout Bobber modification that Batman would definitely ride. The Never Off is a sick mod that looks like something straight out of a superhero movie. The custom indicators on the handlebars, the sporty seat with the rear fenders being taken off, complemented by the integrated LED lights, simply make this Indian Motorcycle modification one of the most aesthetically pleasing.

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The spoked wheels and custom radiator grills provide a dashing appearance to the Never Off that is almost entirely painted in matte black. Only the custom painted tank, which although has various matte colored sections, creates a contrast owing to the use of shinier black paint to highlight certain compartments while being brought to life by the stunning NEVER OFF logo painted in bright yellow.

3 Harley-Davidson Street 750: ZENITH From Sykes Harley-Davidson

Via Sykes Harley-Davidson

Harley Davidsons are all about class and statement and there are very few things that make a bold statement like a custom design made using gold highlights. Sykes Harley-Davidson has achieved this look with their custom modification ZENITH, and the gold and blue custom tail of this modified bike is nothing short of stunning.

Apart from all the glitz and glamor, Sykes has taken the modification a notch higher by implementing extraordinary engineering feats on the modification, which include bespoke exhausts and a swingarm that is single-sided.

2 Indian Scout Sixty: Road Runner From MotoShed

via BikeBound

The first Indian Scout that features under-seat exhausts, the Road Runner modified by UK based motorcycle builders MotoShed is one of the coolest Indian Scout Sixty modifications anyone can lay their eyes on.

Built after great deliberation and more than a hundred hours of work, MotoShed changed the riding experience of the Indian Scout Sixty by improving cornering abilities. The rider is provided with an aggressive riding experience due to the bike’s good ground clearance and terrific suspension.

1 Harley-Davidson Street 750: The Golem

via YouTube

Created to participate in The Battle of The Kings, 2018, The Golem by Bhubaneshwar based custom shop Konark Harley-Davidson is an absolute treat to the eye and makes a stark statement that justifies its name that literally means ‘made from clay and brought to life’.

Created by an Indian company, The Golem exceeds expectations and creates this wonderful beast by cutting through the chassis of the stock Harley Street 750. It features an in-house customized rear hardtail frame, floating calipers replacing the front springer forks, and a repositioned master tank to give The Golem a clean and aesthetic look.

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