350cc Harley-Davidson HD 350/ Benelli 350S/ Qianjiang QJ350 Confirmed!

073020 qj350 benelli harley davidson hd350 06
073020 qj350 benelli harley davidson hd350 06

Latest high-resolution pictures of the QJ 350 confirm the arrival of the 350cc Harley-Davidson HD 350 and Benelli 350S / TNT 300!

Harley-Davidson HD 350/ Benelli 350S/ Qianjiang QJ350

In December 2019 we reported the partnership between Harley Davidson and Qianjiang – the parent company of Benelli. The purpose of the partnership was to design and develop a smaller Harley-Davidson. 6 months later, back in June 2020, we came across a low-resolution photo of the QJ350 and we speculated it would most likely be the bike the 350cc Harley Davidson aka “HD 350” would be based on.  Aside from this, we also reported the upcoming Benelli 350s / TNT 300 would be based on the same bike too. Well, the latest high-resolution pictures of the QJ350 says our predictions were correct.

The photos from China’s National Intellectual Property Administration showcase the QJ350 in detail and here is how we can confirm the arrival of the HD 350. Although the whole bike is covered in QJ motor’s bodywork, we do see a hint of the other two brands here and there. If you look closely, you can see the wording “HarleyDavidson Motor Company” stamped on the left engine cover.

Aside from this, there is also a Benelli badge stamped at the rear fender.

Yes, seeing the names of these three brands look sloppy but it shows how the bikes from all these three brands share the same platform. As the bodywork is cleary from QJ Motor, we believe the HD350 from Harley Davidson and Benelli 350S/TNT 300 would look different from the QJ 350 pictured here. In the case of the HD 350, we think it would look more like the bike on the previous sketches with a circular headlamp, squarely fuel tank and sharp bodyworks. Although we don’t have a proper preview of the HD350 or the 350S, this latest high-resolution leak somewhat confirms the arrival of both the bikes!

Harley-Davidson HD 350

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