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  1. I am of the thought that every person that takes some time and money to personalize or customize their form of Vehicle; they know that they are doing it Because They want to, and most of us Never Even consider the amounts of money that will never be recouped or amortized. We just enjoy the Neat Vehicle that we have created. They are almost criminal in the fact that THEY MAKE US FEEL GOOD. It's neat to have the money to let some Professional Team Create the Perfect Vehicle, but then you miss out on the part of Self Satisfaction that YOU put it together and now get to show it off.  No Matter what YOUR personal Style is, isn't it neat to cruise into a Joint and a Lot of people take notice of your Vehicle in Good Ways. If that doesn't put a Priceless Smile on your face, you're doing something wrong.

  2. Beautiful craftsmanship, but I'm just not feelin' the whole big-wheel bagger thing.
    They all look the same to me, but in a different color.

  3. I'm going to laugh when the wild bagger craze dies out and people wont be able sell their bikes for even half of what they put into them.  I predict within the next 3-5 years it will vanish and the market will be flooded with them.  Don't get me wrong I enjoy seeing all the custom creations out there, but I'm just getting sick of seeing street glide after street glide with some kind of 21 and 23 inch custom wheel.  Like this guys bike for example.  It is a gorgeous bike without doubt, but it isn't really anything different than anyone else.  People are starting to buy sportsters beefing up the engines, and bobbing them out.  That and custom trikes are starting to take off.  I also work for Harley-Davidson Dealership so I see the stuff come and go all the time.

  4. They handle very well actually mine has a 30 inch on it. There's a big difference. But it still rides very nice. Not my everyday bike though.

  5. does the larger front wheel improve the ride? I would think a larger gyroscope would help stabilize the bike more and make it more responsive and much more stable.  Its a bad ass bike.

  6. My whole point is that they advertise that you are able to ride this anywhere with no problems! And that is bullshit. Some reputable bike builders make clients sign waivers if they want to install a 26" or bigger wheel.. they don't want to be liable. So unless you know ride or know ur facts quit making stupid ass comments because u come off really ignorant.

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