3 Crazy Harley Davidson V-Rods & Sportster – BURNOUTS AND LOUD SOUNDS!

3 crazy harley davidson v rods s
3 crazy harley davidson v rods s

Extremly loud custom bikes!
Big thanks to the really nice owners!
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  1. Awesome bikes…

    Its unfortunate that they're almost always driven by douche bags.

    I dont get the point of doing burnouts in cars or bikes. You just end up wasting your tyre treads and make noise & toxic smoke for people to breathe.. Wtf is so cool and manly about it all.
    I don't know why people glorify being a nuisance.

    You can have a nice car or a bike and still not do stupid shit like this.. Enthusiasts will always appreciate nice things anyways.

    These biker gangs always give other riders a bad image

  2. Bro these type of bikes like to speed up and down the highway every morning at 500am thats my alarm but these bike they sound like proper v-rods and i wish i had one of those expecially the blue vrod

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