2022 Harley Davidson Sportster S | First Ride

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1658140161 maxresdefault

This week’s first ride showcases the 2022 Harley Davidson Sportster S. Coming in lighter and more powerful than it’s predecessor, This Sportster will have you looking at Harley Davidson in a whole new light.

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0:00 – Intro
0:23 – Bike Introduction
1:10 – Bike Cinematics
1:51 – Sound Check
2:31 – Start up/Rider Stats
3:56 – Join Discord
4:02 – First Rip/Overiew
4:50 – Body Position/Ergonomics
5:58 – Rider Modes/ City Riding Impressions/Transmission
9:44 – Highway Run/40 to 80 Pull
11:08 – Highway riding Impressions
12:37 – Big Turn
13:36 – Cardo Camera Car Spot
14:40 – Power DeliveryTransmission
15:57 – Brakes
18:26 – Dash/Controls
21:13 – Walk Around
24:40 – Final Thoughts
28:30 – Outro
29:20 – OC

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