2018 Street Glide Special vs Street Glide Std. Differences Explained │ Harley-Davidson

2018 Street Glide Special vs Street Glide Std. Differences Explained │ Harley-Davidson 1


2018 Street Glide Special vs Street Glide Std. Differences Explained │ Harley-Davidson

Get a detailed explanation of what makes up the differences between the Street Glide Special and Street Glide Standard in the 2018 Model Year. Also included is the difference between the Road Glide Special and Road Glide Standard.

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  1. So, if You don't like a blacked out look, your screwed because you'd have to put out $4k (?) To outfit a Street Glide like a Special . Nice, HD.

  2. Matt, I was waiting for an appropriate video to post this question. What makes the price difference between a road king special and a street glide special? They share the same upgrades (correct me if I'm wrong), but the road king special is $3k over the standard, whereas the street glide special is $5k over the standard. I'm really interested in these bikes and trying to understand what the money is getting me. Thanks, and keep up the awesome work. You are THE go-to Harley YouTube channel for me.

    P.S. that '18 fat bob has me all worked up! In a good way!

  3. If I was closer to you, I would definately purchase my bikes from you Matt!! I appreciate all of your hard work, Harley should pay you for your time!!

  4. Hey Matt,

    Is that 2018 white Roadglide in the background still available? I've been trying to find one here in San Diego with no luck. Let me know

  5. Keep up the great work!!! Have been a subscriber for a few months! The bonneville salt pearl looks amazing!!! Live in TX and we are headed to Santa Monica next week! May stop by and check you all out if we have time!

  6. So my black denim 2017 street glide special with the dull inner fairing is exactly the same as the 2018 street glide standard with the 6.5 boom option….. so so disappointing. Guessing price for 2018 standard that is optioned out reflects similar price as last years special? Ready to trade mine in with only 600 mi on it already for the denim blue anniversary edition. Hook me up Matt!!!

  7. Thanks Matt for the video. I like a lot of the new changes on the Street Glides. I just wish they offered the Salt white pearl gloss on the Street glide special. Can you put the new speakers on a 2017 Street glide special? Take care Matt.

  8. One extra tidbit advantage if you go with the special is you get stretched bags…..so it's not just whether you want chrome or the blacked out look. You have to evaluate if the stretched bags are worth going with a special as well. One question I have, do you think there will be a stage 4 kit for the CVO 117ci at some point to get it at 120 or above? Is the current M8 even possible to expand that high?

  9. hey Matt, love your vids….is the factory 114 identical to the stage IV 114 dealer upgrade as far as the tuning and mapping? thanks for the time you put in getting all this info out…. I too and thinking about picking up a touring special this year.

  10. If you have time it would be interesting comparing the the vibration of the new 2018 heritage classic (two counter balances)with the 2017 road king with one counter balance and rubber mounts ,I have some disc trouble in my back and it would be a big consideration for me,I'm thinking next year they will probably put the double counterbalanced engines in bikes like the rood king and call it the geriatrics model Hee lol

  11. When are you going to take one for a road test? Preferably Street Glide Special "CVO" Any Gunship gray colors on your floor?

  12. I'm considering trading up for one of these specials. I'm really hoping next year they give an option for the 114ci in the touring lineup. Matt do you feel the bump in performance to the 114 would be worth waiting for? Currently riding a stage II TC103 and don't want a drop off in power.

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