2018 Softail Reinvented | Harley-Davidson

2018 Softail Reinvented | Harley-Davidson 1


2018 Softail Reinvented | Harley-Davidson

Welcome to the next custom revolution.

No one has rolled more iconic custom motorcycles into the world than Harley-Davidson. That’s what you do when you have custom motorcycles in your blood.

Learn more about the engineering and design behind the all-new 2018 Harley-Davidson Softail Motorcycles.

Meet your new #FreedomMachine: http://bit.ly/2wv85EH

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  1. Why the hell do the color choices completely suck on most of the 2018 models? Electric Blue is one hell of a color, why is it only available on just 3 or 4 bikes? Why not the whole lineup? What about the special candy colors? What the hell is that rust paint color HD keeps showing off these bike, "Impacted Bloody Stool?" Why the hell can I not get a Heritage Classic in Electric Blue, or some other fun color? Indian has some damn good colors on their cruiser lineup, instead of the current color choices: Me-too Black, Me-too Gray, and Impacted Bloody Stool.

  2. Well…i ride a 2014 FXDF and it will have to last for muuuch longer. Went to our local HD Dealer on "the day" and was quite shocked. Darling, THEY have shrunk the bikes ! The all new Softail "Fat Bob" optically has become some kind of a rice-cooker , the seating position doesn't fit any more. I sit higher on the bike and the tank disappears between my legs. On my "Old" FXDF my legs and knees are left and right of the tank, at about half it's hight, the NEW Fat Bob is a DWARF. …. What a shame. I won't comment it's looks because other riders may be of different opinion. I don't like the new "japanese" look at all. Technically the Milwaukee Eight is only marginally tougher than my Twincam 103, the leaning angle is identical, no chance to fit saddle-bags, the tank even grew SMALLER ! I'd NEVER buy a bike that forces me to the gas-station every 110 miles !!!
    Silly enough VICTORY decided to cease production of their great bikes more or less same time when HARLEY decided to dump the fun-tastic DYNA's and try to modernise their bikes to fight the VICTORY's …. Silly world….
    in My Opinion Harley committed suicide.
    Admittedly the new Softail FAT BOY FLFBS is a BEAUTY !! A stylish icon ! But suffers a cramped seating position. It was shrunk as well…..sat on her, stepped off and my heart was bleeding.
    May i ADD here : I love my DYNA FXDF – because of her size, her agility and her CHARACTER ! That Motorcycle is LIVING ! It rattles and shakes and vibrates ! The NEW Softail "Dyna's" are so wonderful smooth and …without any character. May be even good motorcycles they are no HARLEYS any more . They are now like any other brand that one can buy at half the price or less…

  3. Who at Harley thought it was a good idea to put a peanut 3.5 gallon gas tank on the new soft tail models. The aftermarket had a 6 gallon tank for the Dyna! The small tank was my sole reason for avoiding the purchase of the XR1200, and so the trend continues.

  4. Everybody right now is talking about the death of the dyna….well let me enlighten you people…..the Softail is already dead too!!!!. Since its creation in 1984, the softail frame was designed with the purpose of resembling the hardtails frames from the old bikes along with the benefit of a hidden suspension. That purpose was accomplished with true and remarkable authenticity (until now!!!!) to the point that from its very release, the softail frame became a classic Harley Davidson icon.
    Now….how in the hell do these new frames and swing-arms resemble the old hardtail frames?!?!; hell!! that new swing arm is literally half the authentic and classic softail swing arm!. Yes, indeed the dyna is dead but let me tell you something, the Softail is dead as well!!! and they kept the Softail name 'cause they know it best symbolizes the true Harley legacy. If there's a name that truly describes this new line of bikes, that one is: the Dhybridtail.

  5. I like it all, but I think you took too much vibration out of the motor. I like my vibes, that's why I went with H.D to begin with…..

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  7. Jesus fucking christ!!!!….where to start??!!…where to start??!!…..I guess this is going to be one hell of a large post!!!….Well first off and this is something I wanted to write about since the 2017 touring bikes came out, hell!! I should've written this even when the bloody rushmore project started…..one of the main elements of Harley Davidson is that it's plagued with plenty history and that history has been one of a kind, that's one of the main reasons we hardcore harley owners ride a harley; now the company itself has turned its own back to that history…..enough of that "maintaining the traditional legacy with the M8" bullshit!!!! no traditional legacy this time, not anymore!!….and this lead us to address the main element within harley history: The motor. Within harley history a constant emerged in 1909, a V-Twin 45 degree air cooled motor, then after the F-Head motor was introduced, the motors that followed it became the power plants that propelled the big bikes; all these motors going through the Flathead, the Knuckle and so on 'till we come across with the later modern motors like the Evo and finally the Twincam share one particular attribute in common: a big twin that only needs the very oxygen we breath to hit the road. You can say anything you want about these motors you either love 'em or hate 'em, but all of them stand for the very philosophy the motor company used to have that was no other than to create a big, powerful, endurable yet simple motorcycle. And that simplicity was mainly in the heart of the cycle, the motor itself. This simplicity used to lie on having a venerable big inch V-twin motor cooled only by air. Now that’s gone!!!.
    No more lies moco guys!!!…..since the bloody rushmore project, the wethead stopped carrying on the tradition of the classic big twin cooled just by air and now having this m8 engine within the entire line of the larger displacement bikes have just sealed the destiny of that tradition…..you moco guys still advertise the m8 as an air-cooled engine or as a "mainly" air-cooled engine; whether it is or it isn't!!!, if its is "mainly", then that engine is not an authentic air-cooled big twin, like all the big twin harley motors used to be until now. So stop it, just stop it!!!….you know and we hardcore harley bikers know that's not true!!!, not anymore!!…..what? anybody here or you moco guys gonna say to me that these things still run only by air???!!!….ooh yeah and so does a suzuki m109r and every single cage on the road since so long ago….of course any internal combustion engine still needs air to run!!! ooohh!!! so sorry!!, my mistake!!!, completely forgot about that!!!, excuse me all the hell!!!….hahahahhaha!!!, come on man!!! don't fool yourselves guys!!!!…..the main issue here is that now these new bikes depend on a complex refrigeration system in order to keep on running, one problem within the refrigeration system and no more riding into the sunset dream; I mean come on!!! don't tell me you guys aren't aware about the recalls already the m8 has had regarding indeed the refrigeration system?…well if not, now you are. That is the main difference between the classic harley iron and these new bikes, that's what used to make the difference between Harley Davidson and all of the other main motor companies, a big 45 degree V-twin, yet simple nice motor. Now you can say this new engines will perform good or this or that, well……all come down to that old saying, "only time will tell". But as far as advertising them as the new ones carrying on the classic heritage……not this time!, not this time. The fact is that the motor company has now entered a different level within the motorcycle industry. And more than a few would say that the moco has always managed tons of advertising but at the end they continued creating a unique motorcycle so different from any other manufacturer, but now that exclusiveness its over.
    We hardcore harley bikers have to accept the fact that the iconic big twin air cooled motor has gone!!!….but most important and necessary, in order to show due respect to their loyal customers is that the motor company itself face the responsibility to honestly accept that fact and make it public. This time the moco has really lost its path.
    Now this is not like when the Panhead replaced the Knuckle, certainly not like when the Evo replaced the Shovel and not by any means like when the Twincam replaced the Evo, Nooo!!!, definitely NOT!. So it is time for the moco to be completely honest, specially with those hardcore longtime loyal customers but also with the new ones. It is the end of an era and people must be aware of that, people must know that and is moco's responsibility to make that fact official. It is time to accept that from now on when you're buying harley you're no longer buying that old legacy, just some part from it, and when you buy something half the whole it used to be, its spirit and soul are lost. And the moco has the duty to address the public and tell the truth once and for all….whether some people like these new bikes and much more others hate'em, those new scoots don't carry on that old heritage anymore…..god damn it!!! just call it like it is!!!!. Innovation is a good thing as long as you don't lose your essence and that's exactly what the moco has lost. None of the innovations that came up in the past like the introduction of aluminum parts within the evo engine, the efi delphi system, or the counter-balancers (that in fact are going to be used in those hew bikes) broke with the classic legacy of the brand. The air-cooled big twin was that: a big, yet simple motor and with these new line of bikes they took away that simplicity, which has been literally the trademark of the Harley Davidson motorcycle. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" Leonardo da Vinci.
    Now, what REAL innovations these new bikes have to offer other than getting rid of the air-cooled v-twin?….like many others have mentioned: 4 valves per head?!?!?, refrigeration systems?!??!….already in existence, long way before this m8 appeared. 'Cause…and I'm sorry to write this as I'm not by any means a sportbike guy, all of them jap or even chinese for that matter, crotch-rockets, will still leaving behind those brand new m-eights.
    If these new m8's cool the engine via that oil cooler, what improvement has been done to this new line of bikes, if you can install an oil cooler on a TC too?….but if you take away that oil cooler from the TC, it will be within its very own environment, working for what it was designed and that precisely is to operate only with air….now I want to see how these new engines will work as they're advertised to run "mainly" by air if that oli cooler by any given reason fails….if that thing fails, can these new engines still run only by air?. The cooler is there for a reason, you can either or not add that oil cooler to an air-cooled big twin, it will run with or without it, but those m8's come from the factory with that oil cooler, that's the way their refrigeration system is designed; so if that system fails it's logical engine temp will increase to the point it will be working in a disgraceful way to say the least!. If these new engines "run by air" just to get to the closest dealer to fix the problem it means they can't run properly if the oil cooler fails, let alone if the entire refrigeration system fails. So indeed these new engines can't run if any of the components within their refrigeration system fails….the previous big twins can run their whole life only by air, can these new m8's do the same?….unlikely!. Then again if they can why bothering on bringing out this new 2018 paraphernalia??!!….and some may say (including of course those moco guys) things like: "the refrigeration system is there to further protect the engine from the heat, but you can run it without the air cooler"….so that being the case and you run these things without the cooler or having issues with the refrigeration system or both, then I'm sure as hell the air-cooled big twin, without any piece of doubt, outlast these new engines and even if those refrigeration systems work properly, the question remains….how good and endurable will these engines be in the real world on the long run?. However the truth is that these engines are no more air-cooled only and that's the fact the company must face publicly.
    On the other hand….we know that those old Knuckles, Pans, Shovels….are classic engines from along time ago, more recently the evos fell into that category, hell!!! even some of the earliest Twincams. But anytime an engine was replaced by another one the old tradition was kept; but now that the new engine has break with that tradition, the last motor carrying on the true legacy is the Twincam. So the classic touch this motor will have, is going to be something amazing and unprecedented, specially with the very last ones, those 103 High-Output released on the dynas and softails between 2016 and 2017, which in fact are exactly the same from both years to the last bolt…the 110 remained unaltered from 2007 through the whole line of bikes and there were already 110's on dynas and softails before the s-series but there weren't 103 HO motors on dynas and softails before 2016, just plain 103 engines; so they are literally the last ones of a dying breed!!!. And if you happen to be the original owner of one of these motors what a privilege that is!…..besides the 110 was a good engine but let's face it, it wasn't as reliable as the tried and true 103….being the motor the police bikes used to have says it all, they never received the 110, not even the special police editions.

  8. Did you guys honestly speak to any HD rider??? Honestly now!! 
    Hope you do not cause the end of HD!! Sad poor choice!! killing the Dynas, bringing back solid mounts what is next…

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