2018 Harley-Davidson Street Bob (FXBB) First Ride and Detailed Review│Milwaukee 8 with the New Frame

2018 Harley-Davidson Street Bob (FXBB) First Ride and Detailed Review│Milwaukee 8 with the New Frame

Get a detailed “First Look” at the all new 2018 Softail Street Bob. Test Ride and walk around by Matt Laidlaw. This previously known Dyna now has a new frame and engine this year. The 2018 Model year represents the biggest change in Harley-Davidson’s cruiser lineup in the history of the motor company.

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  1. For the last year before buying my bike I was dead set on buying a Dyna Street Bob. I'm a Harley purist, I wanted the noisy exhaust, I wanted the heat from the engine, and I wanted the taint numbing shake at the stop light because a Harley isn't a bike, it's an experience. Then, they went and did away with the Dyna just before I got my license. I was just as skeptical as most people that have commented on here about the new bikes to the point I was going to a buy used, and then I went and rode one. It still shakes, just enough to not be obnoxious, you still get some heat from the engine, and when you roll on the throttle the car next to you is going to hear it. Matt's analysis was spot on in this video. I think where Harley went wrong here was calling it the Street Bob. Had they given it a different name, I don't think there would have been such a big deal made because it really is a different bike. I drive it around a major city as my daily driver, and today I did a 250 mile day trip on a combination of windy highways and straight freeways with no issues. The only problem I really have with the bike is that it's too "electronic sounding" but that can be fixed with a new exhaust. I was more disappointed that Harley didn't have basic accessories ready for the launch of the bike. At 6`-4" I would love some God damn forward controls and some customizing options. The Harley dealer has a whole catalog of stuff they can't get yet.

  2. Matt so my first motorcycle will be a 2018 Street Bob. I wanted to ask for Your most honest opinion, how do you feel about riding a brand new 0 mile HARLEY all the way from CA to Fort Bragg NC? By the way your videos/reviews have been very informative and helpful.

  3. Its cool and handles well but i prefer the look of my 2012 Super Glide Custom.. although i’m more of a ride quality rather than looks type of rider I may sell mine and get one of these in Vivid Black!

  4. Hey Matt , awesome review, is it possible to change the bars when buying the bike out of the dealership? I love the bike except for ape hangers, not to offend anyone, but those bars ruin the bike and I hate ape hangers

  5. Hi Matt, great job on your videos. I test rode the 2018 slim and street bob today. Fell in love with the street bob. I originally was going to purchase a slim and glad I did the test rides. The bob just felt right. I'm 5'6" and it fits perfect. Endless power. The slim just didn't feel right to me. I'm buying the Street Bob this month. Great job!

  6. wanted to like this bike, sat on one at the dealer, felt heavy as lead and the footpegs left my legs feeling like a grasshopper and Im only 5 ft 9.. feels like a heavier Sportster to me! …pass;;;;

  7. First time viewer, now subscribed.  Enjoy the way you present the bikes.  Bought my first Harley last year, a Street Glide and not getting used to the balance and weight at all.  I sure like these and think they'd be a lot easier to ride/handle.

  8. Compare this to the 2017 FXDB right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-up_TELMB0E                               As far as style and looks, the 2018s absolutely cannot compare. AND the new red paint looks ok on camera and video but when I saw it in person last week at the dealership I about puked right there on the spot,,LOL. Harley F^%$#@ Badly shit canning the Dyna platform. They would have been better off redesigning the frame and or designing a cross between an FXR and the fxdb. There devolopers need to be fired or sent back to asia to work for Honda and Kawi. My 2 cents:D

  9. Hi Matt question. Would it be possible and cheaper to add the low rider tank to the street bob as they share the same frame? I like the street bob but the tank is off setting but I don't want to spend money blacking out the low rider and adding the similar styling cues of the street bob. Would the dealership be able to switch the tanks? If so what would you guest the cost would be?

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