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  1. Bike World: before you do reviews of motorcycle, please do us the favor and LEARN TO RIDE!!! You know, people try to watch reviews to get relevant information and someone who is mediocre rider cant deliver relevant answers.

  2. If your looking at buying a Harley… go test ride one, then after that go and test an Indian after, you won't believe the difference!

    Indian out performs HD in literally every aspect. Power, tech, handling, design, features and price.

    HD are so over priced, even before you put the "extras" on, which most should be standard anyway.

    With HD I can't help but think your buying half a bike for double the price, then have to buy a dozen "accessories" to get the bike to a half decent standard. I.E. Exhaust, Seat, Suspension, air intake etc etc.

    The only reason HD are rushing through all these changes is because Indian are walking all over Harley at the moment.

    Went to the states again recently and I saw loads of Indians. Where as the past times I've been it was all Harley. You can't sell outdated tech forever…. Just my opinion having ridden lots of both brands

  3. Very good review and knowledge of the Brand. As a Yank, these bikes are too expensive, with a starting price of $14,000+.
    I demo road the Star Bolt and was able to connect with the crusier vibe, so there is hope for me.

  4. I hired a 2017 Breakout for a day. Clocked up 200 miles and really enjoyed. It made a nice change to ride something totally different. I would say though that clutch was a bas#%ard, soooo heavy, by the end of the day my hand was killing. I just could not live with that.

  5. Usually a sportbike rider I had a 2012 fat bob. Was a hoot but handling wasn't great. If they've sorted the handling you've got a great road bike. They can be hilarious to ride, nice review. Bikes are like food, just because you like curry doesnt mean you have to hate pizza.

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