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  1. Don't like like it. Harley has a whole line of bikes to visually modernize. But the Deluxe was Retro. The traditional 1950's look that we have come to love, envision and expect from a classic HD.

    I'm all for mechanical and tech updates, but by modernizing the appearance, you now have a bike that looks like a Japanese ripoff.

    The new LED projector head and running lights are superior, but they destroy the classic look.

    The futuristic sci-fi turn signals look like crap and ruin the classic bike look.

    The new rounded oil tank look like it belongs on an Asian copy of a Harley.

    This years' color combos, other than traditional black, are crummy.

  2. Super ugly turn signal. What were they thinking? It ruins the looks of what should be it's most conservative looking old school bike.

  3. The turn signals look ridiculous and who the fuck ever put led head lights on a deluxe?….the dickhead that approved these changes should be hung.

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