2018 Harley-Davidson Softail Chassis Revealed│H-D Engineers Give us a Walk-Through│All the Details

2018 harley davidson softail cha
2018 harley davidson softail cha

H-D has shocked the Motorcycle industry with it’s 2018 model-year announcement to combine the Softail and Dyna Families into one Common Frame. Get a detailed look “first look” at the Dealer-only expo floor. Matt Laidlaw enlists the help of the H-D engineers to give us a explanation of this new Frame that now houses the Milwaukee 8 engine.

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  2. Well well , so this is what all the fuss (and stiff dicks) is all about with the yuppie harley riders "groups".By the way Matt hats off to you for an informative and unbiased doco on the new breed of harleys. Sadly but staunchly I have only ridden wide glides , 85 fxwg and a 98 dyna wideglide. Now a full on , ahem , 'custom' job on an 85 fxr , trying to to knock the ugly out of it….cant wait to show it off. Yep a true blue die hard swing arm man. Ah well on a positive note theres gunna be a shitload of dynas on the market. Might stack the esky , neck a few coldies and start searchin the bike-net for some dyna deals. Thanks again Harley.

  3. So the motherfuckers still use the plastic tensioner which causes disastrous consequences on previous "twin cams" ? Wtf ? They know what they're doing. It's all about money and service charges, isn't it? Btw, look at the competition ! This "new technology" is sort of motorised wheelbarrow science against basically any other brand in motorcycle industry .

  4. I am impressed at the street version of Harleys and also the softail design rather tha the swing arm with outer shocks.  The line up I see though wouldn't be considered by me because I want the center tank instrument panel and these rear fenders are too short.  My ride os a 2002 softail standard, but even though it has the duck tail fender it is still LONG and has more effort in its contouring.  So unless they should show me a Harley with the things I mentioned I would never buy one.  Now the frame design agrees with me and so does the engine and transmission and I like the gear to flywheel counter balancer method design better on the primary side of these engines.  I do believe they should have continued the double twin though because two reaerate cams will endure less stress than one cam that must compress more valve springs, Go figure

  5. I will check in with HD in another 30 years and see if they have decided to do some real changes , smh 103 v 107 8hp difference and single cam no slipper clutch wtf HD, heading to Indian now ✌️ .

  6. Why did we go to monoshock? Probably because everyone else has about 2 decades ago. I can't help but think that this is all smoke and mirrors. "We really focused on weight…." so we shaved off 30lbs.

  7. I absoutely love this bike the only thing that stops me from buying is i dont like the wheels at all. I hate solid wheels no air gets thru them so when riding on the highway it blows and pushes you all over the place. Please change the wheels to something more cool and open on the 2019…

  8. Matt! Thank you for letting us hear from you and the engineers on this new lineup. I spent the afternoon volunteering at the H-D demo truck with the 2018 lineup! They're amazing. Harley-Davidson has really delivered this time! I got to move a few and helped get a lot of people take a demo ride. There will be another truck coming through in a few weeks and I'm gonna ride em.

  9. Hi Matt your video reviews of Harley Davidson bikes are the best out there, your speech is nice and easy to hear and you have the good sense to keep out annoying music and background noise ! ! ! good job… PLEASE review the new 2018 FAT BOY…. I am thinking of buying one and anxiously await your review…. thanks so much for your work here.. James

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