2018 Harley-Davidson Low Rider Review│Compared to Low RIder S and FXR

2018 Harley-Davidson Low Rider Review│Compared to Low RIder S and FXR

First Ride and Detailed review of the new 2018 Softail Low Rider. Get a comparison of past Low Rider models such as the Low Rider S and the Legendary FXR. Get the info you need to make an educated purchase on this bike. Test Ride and review performed by Matt Laidlaw.
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  1. Always good comprehensive reviews. I am curious to see what the MoCo will release in the mid model year. I think the sportster chassis is due for an update. I would love a revised 1200 with better lean angle. I know they have the roadster but the seating position of that bike is uncomfortable for me.

  2. Good format and rider opinions for sure. It looked like you could adjust the stock bars up quite a bit to make it the geometry a bit better but at least like you say the bars would be are easy to change since it has a standard handle bar clamp.

  3. Nice that you used "my newly" bought for this video 🙂 With all the commentary, I can see that it was the right choice.

  4. Those tank graphics and colors! Yes sir, loving that Low Rider! Yes! AMF! I am typing this as you talked about the graphics. Lol.

  5. i like this format with a few different riders perspective and like always full of information thanks Matt for another awesome video

  6. Your best test to date Matt. Really liked the other riders feedback. I agree on the bars of this bike. Would like the new Street Bob of the new Softails but that small tank does not cut it for me.

  7. Love the bike. Great review, I love all of your videos. I always cringe though when you lane split and drive down the wrong side of the road 😉

  8. I was at Eagles Nest HD in Lathrop and they had a 2018 Street Bob with a Bung King mid size T bar rider set up and a 1/4 faring. Looked pretty nice on the new Street Bob. I was wondering if your dealership had thoughts of customizing a Street Bob or maybe a Low Rider like you have done with a few of the Street Glides? Maybe do the riser kit and fairing on a Street Bob like Eagles Nest did or perhaps black out a Low Rider with a Handlebar swap and taller Faring like your employee has on his Low Rider S.
    In late 1991 I bought a brand new 1992 FXRS, In fact It had the same graphics as your brothers convertible, but had the dual gas tank look and tank dash like the new Low Rider. Oh and in 1992 the FXRS had a single front disc, dual discs were on the convertible. Anyway, I commuted on that FRX for many years, 80 miles round trip. I loved that bike but It was before all the nice fairings were around. Since I didn't like the plain windscreen like your brothers convertible and at the time the FXRP/FXRT fairings were nearly impossible to find, I ended up upgrading to an Electra Glide. Had a fairing like your employee has on his Low Rider S been available, I'm sure I would have kept that bike.
    So again, it would be nice to see a new Softail Low Rider (with the 5 gallon tank) equipped with a nice fairing, bars and all blacked out…and I'm sure your dealership wouldn't have a problem selling it.
    I have always wondered why HD never re introduced a FXRT type bike? Over the years I've seen a few Dyna's set up with Deviant Fabrications FXRT/FXRP clone fairing for a sort of real Hybrid Sport/Touring bike. Based on all the attention those bikes seem to get it, I would think there would be a market for such a bike.

  9. Really liked the format. Thanks for including David and Scott! David is really articulate and had great thoughts.

  10. Nice review, Grasshopper : )  I really liked the Dyna LR, not sure about the ST LR.  I'm 6' and would prefer forward controls.  The new ST bikes seem smaller, and I really don't like that either!  Last gripe, the tank graphics.  Yuck!  There's always 2019 I guess.Matt, great vid!

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