2018 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic (FLHCS) │Buyer’s Guide

2018 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic (FLHCS) │Buyer's Guide

Get a detailed review and in-depth look at the completely redesigned Harley-Davidson Softail Heritage Classic. Learn about the new features this model year. Get the info you need to make an educated decision if this is the bike for you. Test Ride and walk around by Matt Laidlaw

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  1. A great, informative video as always, Matt. She is a gorgeous bike, there is no denying that, but I am of the camp that this isn't what I picture when I think of a Heritage.

    My Heritage just got totaled (people love not paying attention in intersections) and I'm actually gonna try to grab a 105th Anniversary Heritage now. The old school look is what attracted me to them in the first place. I've said before, I'm the size cat you would point towards the Road King, but Softails just do it for me.

  2. I will be in the market for a new bike soon I was all set on a street glide but I really like the new Heritage! Almost all my riding is under 200 miles. But I do want to make a cross country trip in the next year or 2 and I know a touring bike is better suited for that but how bad would the Heritage be at 500-600 mile days?

  3. The day I buy a "blacked out" bike is the day the manufacturer owes me money! Chrome (chromium) comes from some of the most violent countries in Africa (ever heard of "blood diamonds"?) and is VERY expensive. And, as I understand it, chrome cannot be recycled. Make "blacked out" sound as cool as you want, I'm pretty sure it's a cheaper way to manufacture a motorcycle or automobile.

  4. Warning to anyone who rides the new FLHCS 114, it will BITE you! It bit me and wouldn't let go. I rode this and within 1 minute I knew I wanted it. I traded my '08 Street Glide in. This bike handles so nice. I had a 2004 Fatboy as well and the 2018 Softail Heritage Classic just handles and rides very nice. Also, I'm 6'4 and this bike fits me and is comfortable. All I need to do (for me personally) is get a longer foot brake lever and shifter so they are out front a little more, which I also had on my Street Glide. Overall, I love this bike!

  5. I love this bike. I am seriously listing it as one of the top contenders for my next bike. I like what they did by blacking it all out and putting that 114 motor on there.

  6. Could you do a video of this bike and take off the windshield and bags to show the versatility of this bike? I'm really starting to lean towards this bike for it's classic great looks and versatility. Weekend trips with the wife, and tooling around solo, commuting for me.

  7. What, no central locking for the bags. What a pain. How about saying the bad stuff, stuff that should be on a modern bike, but ain't. No LED in the indicators – how stupid!

  8. Don't care for spoked wheels. Looking at wheel replacement with BST carbon fiber wheels. Harley does make wheels called Machete for this model.

  9. Excellent review. I'm in the heritage vs road king process now. It's tough, but I'm leaning heritage. Thank you for making this video.

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