2018 Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide│All 3 Colors Shown│Custom Vehicle Operation

2018 harley davidson cvo street
2018 harley davidson cvo street

Walk-around and narration by Matt Laidlaw. Take a look at what’s new in the 2018 model year. Detailed Footage of the new colors and features on this Factory custom Street Glides.

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  1. Hey Guys thanks for watching and supporting my channel. I always try to answer all comments and questions but sometimes that's impossible. Please checkout my Patreon Page to Support my Harley-Davidson content Creation and become part of that community where I can answer all questions. https://www.patreon.com/mattlaidlaw

    • I hear you Rolexwearer. I am not sure this is the forum but I pulled the trigger on a 17′ CVO SG. I had zero buyers remorse after riding the almost perfect machine, however I watched the new bikes sit in the dealership for 2 years. In fact they still have an 2018 CVO dropped price and 3 new CVO SG. Superior machines and overpriced. I am not sure if my friends are laughing at my lost 37K or jealous…either way not good.

  2. Once upon a time the Japanese copied others' technology, and vastly improved it.

    Now others copy Japanese technology, but not very well.

  3. Wages in the US are staying the same, while HD jacks up their prices, and then they wonder why there sales are tanking. lol

  4. Boys & toys – we had 40+ into our 2007 Streetglide and still couldn't rectify the speed wabble… had to go! Love the black w/ red flames . . . 2017 CVO

  5. I look this video many times and I love the Dark Alloy.. and I ordered one, but I would love to see it in the street, because I'm not sure that I will like the color ; do you know if there is a video of one riding on the road ?

  6. Mat' i just picked up my lava CVO Street Glide. Been watching your vids for a while and they made me pull the trigger. Great job! Keep them coming

  7. Mr. Laidlaw — YOU are the reason that I have one of these Gunship Gray CVO's on order! I watched your video for the first time and kept thinking to myself "that Gunship Gray is hideous and so why can't I stop looking at it! Drank the CVO addiction! Thank you for a great video!

  8. I wish Harley would take some notes from Indian on keeping that seat off the gas tank. You pay all that money and the seat is just eating all that pretty paint up from rubbing. Even under the seat, it's just wollering all over that paint marring it up. I bought a solo seat and quick disconnect for my Ultra Limited only to find my paint is destroyed under the seat from rubbing and it's to the metal on the tank, and it's a 2017. If you guys buy a new bike especially one of these expensive ones, protect that paint everywhere the seat hit's it or it will be gone. Loving these new CVO's though.

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