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  1. over priced clothes I bought a wind proof jacket from them that wasn't wind proof why would the sides of the arms let tons of cold air in and sides of the body let air in .It ain't good for riding unless its warm that's when you don't need a jacket so I'll wear it to work and and destroy the piece of crap in one month then send it back

  2. Harley needs to work on their presentations. This seemed like an Apple iPhone rollout. Too corporate and polished. Do they have any freaking idea who rides their bikes and drives their sales? Those two marketing guys need to work on marketing behind the scenes and let real bikers or mechanics tell the story. Hell, I'd rather hear from the engineers any day

  3. corporate stupidity. It's everywhere. The Demographics of riders that are interested in Bikes are dying off. Todays generation would rather text on their cell phone and play games on computer than ride. HD can't change that.

  4. FUCK YOU HD for fucking the best bike you made—faggott looking fag bike with smaller tank—HELLLOOO—ugly fucking poofter bike designed for man ass fucking poofter cunts

  5. Great coverage here over the event, Matt! So cool to "be there". With that said… something had to be done.

    For years HD have been told how old, slow, old, heavy, old, cumbersome and old their bikes are. So now bits and pieces of the line have been modernized and now "everybody" goes apeshit over it. Let´s just cool it for a mo and sit down in the boat. Let Matt and his colleagues test drive and review the new bike lineup and then we´ll see.

    Regarding the engine, it wasn´t such a big surprise was it? Yes it was a radical move to kill Dyna but I´ll guess humanity will survive it? Who knows what will happen a few years from now? Bike models have made comebacks before… The handling of the new platform seems to be top notch.

    Keep it up Matt!!!!

  6. I think we all need to give the changes some time for us to get used to. I get the drop in some lines, sucks, but I get it. Its gonna work. I don't understand the lack of radiators/twin cooling on the touring bikes though?? Especially the CVO's?? There really need's to be some explaining about that. I feel for the Dyna drop, cause that was my first Harley, but I think that redesign of the Softail is going to be strong for the company in the long run. It's just my take on all of it this year. Ohhh, I surely don't like the 21" front tires for the road Glides either, but heck man, I'll just change it out! Not a show stopper. I love Harley and always will.

  7. Can't wait to see your reviews for new Softails Matt. I love that new Fat Bob! Personally I'm very intrigued to see what you think of the new bikes, and even more intrigued to see what your new ride is gonna be Matt. Thanks for doing what you do bro!

  8. This is offensive, the red Nazi backdrop opening and all those rebel flag x's on the stage backdrop! Antifa go get them. Glad I bought my 2014 LR. 3 yrs ago. Paid in full and this 56. y.o Caucasian boomer won't be buying another bike in my lifetime.

  9. Don't get me wrong! I do like the new Fatboy! And the slim. If Softail was my favorite HD, I would be very happy with the significant upgrades! It's the disappearance of a whole sector that bothers me. But I suspect this is their typical one year diet thing, like they did with the Roadglide, and may be up to something with a Dyna upgrade. Maybe a whole different product to appeal to us FXR/Dyna crowd. The 2017 Lowrider S is their best bike in decades..! I thought they were finally in touch with the street, the whole Harley Wheelies thing, and then.. "softails for everyone" ? Suspicious… I'm probably just being innocently hopeful…

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