2018 Fat Bob 114 ci Review – Harley Davidson

2018 fat bob 114 ci review harle
2018 fat bob 114 ci review harle


2018 Fat Bob 114 ci Review - Harley Davidson

2018 Fat Bob 114 ci Review – Harley Davidson.

Finally, i got to take the Fat bob out! In a nutshell, i loved it. Still think i’d end up customising it quite a fair bit. Great platform for HD. Please note that I had to deal with the following conditions on the test route which made the review less white knuckle interns of pushing the bike more.

1) British horrible wet weather
2) Wet roads
3) New bike (13 miles on the clock)

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  1. Test rode this yesterday has lots of torque and super beefy I’m use to sportsters so this one felt like a beast great bike man just not my taste. Picks up real quick with the 107

  2. What about the brakes ? Is it good ! Because on my test drive those foot brake is not good . What's ur opinion ?

  3. The Fat Bob is for Fat Boys…I'll pass… them on my Ducati or cruise on a Triumph Bobber.

  4. I want one in the matte red, but I also want a Ducati monster and I already have an iron which is pretty basic has in my mind some of the best lines of any HD. It's also my first motorcycle so little bit sentimental.
    You are spot on about the headlight. It gives one an idea of traveling when lanterns were used.

  5. Excellent review…

    What are pros & cons of Fat Bob vs Breakout?

    This will be my very first road bike. I've rode mx bikes, but never a road bike before.

    I love the simplistic & minimalist look of this bike.

    Is this a good choice for first road bike?

    I fell in love with this bike when I walked into the HD showroom and saw 2018 Breakout Black ( it was first bike closest to the door ).

    I was intimidated at first.

    It seemed so big & too heavy compared to MX bikes. But after sitting on it for awhile, off & on for ~ 2 to 3 hrs, ( I was in showroom for 6hrs straight hrs 1st day & visited HD couple more days where I sat on it some more & felt more comfortable with weight ).

    Although they allow test drives I don't have a motorcycle license. They mentioned there's school I can go to on weekends to get on bike training & also pass written test and get license / certified.

    Majority of my rides will be less than 125 miles.

    However, I could see myself occasionally wanting to go 200 and rarely 300 or 400 miles one way?

    Sales people tried to convince me to buy 2018 CVO Road Glide because they said eventually it'd be a lot better because of all the additional features; however, although I could purchase the CVO, I like the simplistic & minimalist look of this bike…

    If necessary as I become better & more familiar with road bikes / breakout, I could purchase CVO Road Glide later, in addition to the breakout, if I really get into long distance riding.

    Is this bike ok for riding twisting roads in mountains?

    Would wind resistance against my body be an issue at 65 to 70 mph?

    Any thoughts & suggestions would be appreciated.

    I plan to get black version.

    There's 107, 114 & 117, which engine should beginner start with?

    I saw somewhere that tank on this is smaller 3.5g vs 5g. Again I love streamline look of this bike; however, some mentioned range is much more limited between refueling, 164 to empty ( 47 * 3.5 ) but should refuel at 1/4 before empty ~123 miles.

    Is that a problem?

    Some said it would / could be in group ride where other riders have 5g tanks and could go ~50 more additional miles before refueling.

    Thanks in advance for sharing…"

  6. would i be able to ride this if im 167 cm tall (5.5 inch approximately).

    would any shot rider here lend me an advice on what's the optimum seat height for me ?

  7. Thank you for a great perspective. So, looks like everyone tend to compare it to X-Diavel or something, but for me the question would be how it would compare to a Triumph Rocket III. Any thoughts? Thank you.

  8. I hadn't rode a bike in years, I seen the new Fat Bob and loved the look. I went straight to my local Harley dealer and jumped on one for a test ride. Yeehaa! Looks like I'm getting back into riding next year! Harley must have done something right because they pulled me back into the market after having been absent for years. I think they are going to be successful with bringing in new riders to their brand. Smart.

  9. Is this release date for America as well? I call the dealer and they made it sound like I could buy it and hope on it right away..

  10. Hooligan bike? This is a retired gentlemans ride. Is it possible to do a power wheelie, what with it being a heavy weight, and all? I want to like it, styling is aggressive, but that price…

  11. Well…i ride a 2014 FXDF and it will have to last for muuuch longer.
    Went to our local HD Dealer on "the day" and was quite shocked. Darling,
    THEY have shrunk the bikes ! Shortened the whellbase ! The all new Softail
     "Fat Bob" optically has become some kind of a rice-cooker , the seating position
     doesn't fit for a 6ft + rider any more. I sit higher on the bike and the tank just disappears between my legs. On my "Old" FXDF my legs and knees are left and right of the tank,
    at about half it's hight, the NEW Fat Bob is a DWARF. …. . I won't comment it's looks because other riders may be of different opinion. I don't like the new "japanese" look at all.
    Technically the Milwaukee Eight is just marginally tougher than my
    Twincam 103, the leaning angle is identical, no chance to fit saddle-bags, the tank even grew SMALLER ! I'd NEVER buy a bike that forces me to the gas-station every 110 miles !!!
    Silly enough VICTORY decided to cease production of their great bikes
    more or less same time when HARLEY decided to dump the fun-tastic DYNA's
    and try to modernise their bikes to fight the VICTORY's …. Silly
    in My Opinion Harley committed suicide if you don't want a HD Tourer.
    I love my DYNA FXDF – because of her size, her agility
    and her CHARACTER ! That Motorcycle is LIVING ! The NEW Softail "Dyna's" are so wonderful smooth but…without any character. May be even good motorcycles they are no
    HARLEYS any more . .

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