2018 CVO Street Glide (FLHXSE) Harley-Davidson│First Ride and Detailed Review

2018 CVO Street Glide (FLHXSE) Harley-Davidson│First Ride and Detailed Review

Get a Detailed look at the 2018 CVO Street Glide. Matt Laidlaw goes into an in-depth review on this High-end Factory Custom Bagger. If you’re looking to buy one of these bikes this video is a “Must Watch”

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  1. Great job Matt! Love some of the upgrades on the 2018 CVO Street Glide. Love the new fairing gauge housings, love the color matched wheels and the six speaker 900 watt Stage 2 stereo upgrade vs the four speakers at 600 watts stage 2 stereo which still sounds awesome!! As a middle aged veteran Harley rider, I still prefer paint and chrome. I would love to see flames or even ghost flames come back or some other different cool graphics as well. I love my 2016 CVO Street Glide ( which is the White Amethyst with Black Licorice flames.) The CVO's are the top of the line of all motorcycles and are worth the money if you have the means. Truly a Harley Davidson Masterpiece!! Thank you as always.

  2. Thanks for the great content as usual! I do have a question what does your dealership use to clean and wax the bikes and what do you use to clean and wax your bikes including the engine Because whenever I see a video on your bike it’s just super clean

  3. Hey Matt, If you put the music that plays at the beginning and end from your videos on an iPod and play it over the speakers then people would be able to hear how good the sound system is, like you said there is no better system available out there so it would be good for people to be able to hear.  I assume its your own music or you have the rights to it since it is on every video you do now.  Best Harley reviewer out there, keep it up and you will get your 100k followers, I know I tell everyone to watch your videos!

  4. Beautiful bike. Bummer they got rid of liquid cooled heads. Feel like since they ditched twin cooled they could have ditched lower fairings, with cvo being their performance line….

  5. Hey Matt!  do you know if the 2018 CVO Road Glide will also have the same lower leg fairings/6 speakers and heated grips? Also, since you have ridden both, you mention that this bike is the pinnacle of the custom baggers… where do you leave the CVO Road Glide? Is it not on the same level? Thanks!

  6. Sir – LOVE the video and excellent job! I have mine in Gunship Gray on order and can’t wait until it arrives. One change I’m having done upon delivery is the addition of some Rinehart pipes since those stock mufflers (at least in your video) sound like a lawn mower – no offence. One safety note for you Sir – as you go into a right hand turn kindly refrain from sticking your knee; out since it adds no benefit the balance of the bike. I guess perhaps you were a little nervous on that 40 thousand dollar bike and I have done the exact same thing – HA! Take care and God Bless!

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