2017 Road Glide Special to Julian, CA │ Harley-Davidson Milwaukee 8

2017 Road Glide Special to Julian, CA │ Harley-Davidson Milwaukee 8 1


2017 Road Glide Special to Julian, CA │ Harley-Davidson Milwaukee 8

A light review and description of the new 2017 Road Glide Special (FLTRXS) and a glimpse of a great Harley-Davidson Ride. Matt Laidlaw goes with 6 other riders up Hwy 79 to the small Miner town of Julian.
Buy a Bike from Matt : http://www.laidlawsharley.com

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I love anything to do with Harley Davidson and have two beautiful children and a beautiful partner. In my spare time i like building websites and love anything to do with the internet.


  1. I rented both street glides and road glides from my local dealer and favor the road glide slightly for visibility to oncoming traffic. I like the new fan kit accessory idea for stop-n-go traffic. I preferred the instrument layout on the Street Glide.

  2. Hey Matt I notice the rider floorboards and brake pedal are moved forward and outward are these HD parts?
    Thx.. I want to move my stock floorboard forward and the brake pedal longer/lower Cheers

  3. Just came across your Youtube videos. Great work. I too live in SC, south end of town. Riding a 2016 FLHXS, first time Harley owner. I'm thinking of doing this ride on the 24th of this month, but going to take the 76 all the way to Julian and then return on the 79. Maybe finish ride over Ortega. Thanks again for the videos! Keep em comin

  4. Why do the destinations and riding always look better than where I'm at? New subscriber here and another great video. I like your review style and presentation. I have a 15 ultra limited and thinking of a 17 RGS as a 'less is more' bike for most of the riding that I do but still have the ability to cross the country once a year. What is your honest opinion on comfort – obviously the seat can be changed but what about those low profile tires on the RGS?

  5. !How can your friend keep riding a Yamaha with a Harley group like yours ? I think he will no longer ride it soon and get his own Harley Davidson 😀

  6. i know this has probably been asked before but what helmet do u have? i see guys wearing them in videos and really wanna get one

  7. Matt, this is a great video. I really liked seeing the good roads in Southern California hopefully you will do more rides like this while demoing a bike. The Road Glide Special will be my next bike. I think I would like the tallboy handle bars even though I am only 5'7" thanks' again and Ride Safe!

  8. Good vid, learned a bunch of stuff. Waiting for my 2017 Road Glide Special to arrive within 1 month. Thanks Matt.

  9. You make good vids man. This is def the best looking bike Harley makes by far. Just beautiful. If I keep watching these vids I'm gonna start liking Harleys

  10. I hope you read this.Could you do a tutorial on the Boom Box? and especially the navigation part thanx in advance.

  11. Another GREAT VIDEO Matt!! Thanks for doing them. I've got the 2017 R/G in Laguna Orange and love it. The Hammock seat is the one I'm considering so thanks for the review. Wheelies on the street? No warning if caught doing them in Florida..its a $1000. fine for the first offense, and Suspension of license for a year on the 2nd, and then Jail for 3rd. 🙁 . Keep them both on the ground if your in the Sunshine State……Like Bike Week!!

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