2017 new Harley Davidson 107 Milwaukee Eight engine for Touring Motorcycles promo video


2017 new Harley-Davidson 107 Milwaukee Eight engine for Touring Motorcycles promo video
Smoother, stronger and more durable. See how our engineers crafted the Milwaukee Eight™ Engine, the most powerful motor Harley-Davidson has ever built.
The sound of the Harley-Davidson® 45-degree V-Twin rings through the history of motorcycling in an unbroken line stretching back to 1909. Each one improving on the one before it. Iconic. Durable. Unmistakable in their sound. Unparalleled in their muscular look. Unmatched in the feeling they deliver to the rider. And now we’re proud to introduce the most powerful Harley-Davidson engines ever built: The all-new Milwaukee-Eight™ 107 and Milwaukee-Eight™ 114 engines. The next generation Harley-Davidson® V-Twin comes to our touring line. The next era of power, performance and innovation has been forged.

At the heart of the Harley-Davidson® touring line this year, you find the most powerful, coolest-running engines we’ve ever built. The Milwaukee-Eight™ 107 V-Twin is smoother, stronger and durable. With crisper throttle response and truer, cleaner sound. Four valves per cylinder, single chain-driven cam, dual spark plugs, counter-balanced and rubber mounted. Developed and proven over countless miles and millions of hours. Not a single mechanical part remains from the Twin Cam engine that preceded them. Today, it’s a whole new ride.

Here are eight ways the new Milwaukee-Eight™ 107 engine gives you a better ride*:
More Power- Bigger cylinders, four-valve cylinder heads and dual spark plugs deliver 10% more torque and more power throughout the rev range with no net weight gain.
Better Fuel Economy**- The power comes with improved fuel economy to give you more out of every tank of gas.
Heat Management- Precision oil or water cooling for cooler running and consistent performance, from stop-and-go traffic to highway speeds.
More Passenger Comfort- Positions for the rear exhaust pipe and catalytic converters provide a more comfortable ride.
More Charging Power- A charging system with 50% more power at idle to make easy work of the demands modern touring features put on an electrical system.
Smoother Running- The counter-balancing system, rubber mounts, lower idle speed and dual knock sensors for more precise timing control and smoother running from idle to top gear.
Less Maintenance-The valve train requires no adjustment no matter how many years or miles you ride.
Narrow Primary- The narrower primary drive gives your left foot a straighter, easier reach to the ground, for an easier lift off and more control at stoplights.
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  1. What I hate about Harley owners…they have to always say Harley.."me and the wife took our Harleys" My Harley is at the shop, my Harley get 25 miles a gallon, the other day i was on my Harley! SHUT THE FUCK UP! you fat loser fuckers are just as bad as Corvette owners! Geez!! here listen to how stupid this sounds!! My wife and I were in our Nissan, My Nissan had to get new tires, I was riding my Suzuki when a deer jumped out…you act like only a few people on the planet can have Harleys! Christ !!! Doctors have them, lady Lawyers, Niggers and faggots! big deal you have one!! oh lets not forget you wear all the Harley shit too, belts, boots earrings, wrist watch, necklace, key fob and lets not forget you have a truck sponsored by Harley so we all know you have one too…

  2. Well, congratulations Harley — you've made it to … the 1980's. Oh, I'm sure it's an excellent engine, and will sell. 2 plugs per cylinder used to be a thousand-dollar custom modification. But my '83 Shadow has 'em stock, along with water cooling, and self-adjusting valves. Now, if only we could go back to real carburetors and no computerized anything. (The HELL with fuel injection, black boxes, etc.)

  3. Yeah so i have 2 sparks and also 4 pump per cylinders. So îm closer to an harley philosophy with my sv 650 s XD. ( i owned a 883 2004 sportster it was a great bike )

  4. So after, 30+ years of all the other manufacturers having 4 valves per cylinder, Harley decided to finally jump on-board. Bravo Harley. :)

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