2017 Harley Sportster – Test Ride Review

2017 harley sportster test ride
2017 harley sportster test ride

2017 Harley Sportster – Test Ride Review

I got to experience the 2017 Harley Sportster – Test Ride Review. Not bad! Huge improvement over the Harley Iron 883!

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  1. Thank you for a hands on, honest objective and real review with good observations. A whole LOT of reviewers could learn from this.

  2. I tried the roadster but I didn't really like it. It's like a really bad sportbike. Harley should just stick to cruisers, unless they want to make something like the XB9R again.

  3. I tried it on Monday, April 3rd afternoon, bought it the same day – waiting for getting mine on Friday now ;)) The test is up to the point, going to rip off the Bags and then cruise a little ;)) Greetings from Classic Bike Berlin

  4. Keep doing what you're doing, definitely one of the best motorcycle reviewers I've come across that's a one man show. Even then you're doing good against revzilla etc. Thanks for reviewing this thing not many good reviews on it.

  5. Great review thanks. I tried one recently and it was OK, but the speedo is pretty stupid, as it's almost impossible to read in sunlight, especially with the sun high behind you. It's pretty dodgy given how important holding the correct speed is these days with speed cameras, etc. You have to question whether HD's road test team did due diligence over the speedo. Also, like you reported, the foot-pegs drove me mad. They're too wide and in the wrong place. Not intuitive for changing gear and easy to bash your shins.

  6. wow.. I'm in australia, and your reviews are great.
    someone who actually explains how the bikes ride in real riders term, thanks…
    coming from racingducatisport bikes, I'm now looking to buy a harley.
    will you be doing review on tourer bikes? street glide?
    loved the breakout machine test, thats one of my choices, but would like real riders view on one of the tourers

  7. Overseas viewer checking in. First of your videos I watched, good job overall. Just a few improvement suggestions: You should've put 'Roadster' in the title, would give you more hits – it's so different from the other Sportsters, there are many people searching for videos particularly on this model. Try to avoid generic terms like 'better all around' at 0:48, try to stay objective, using precise terms (I liked how you gave your height and weight when commenting on seating position, that was very helpful). A word on pricing would've been good – I know it, but many other viewers won't.

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