2017 Harley-Davidson Street Rod vs Harley Street 750 / Harley Street Rod Specs

2017 Harley-Davidson Street Rod vs Harley Street 750 / Harley Street Rod Specs

2017 Harley-Davidson Street Rod vs Harley Street 750! Harley Street Rod Specs! Subscribe and Share! It truly helps the channel so much! 🔥🔥🔥 https://goo.gl/Pjnknj 🔥🔥🔥

Which should you buy? The Harley Davidson Street Rod? Or the established Harley Street 750? I personally like my Sportster 1200, but damn. This new model looks amazing!

Watch Me Struggle for 6 Minutes / Stuck in the Desert with My Harley Davidson Sportster:

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Harley Street Rod:
Harley Street 750:

Understanding a Motorcycle’s Rake and Trail:

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  1. The compression ratio is significant because higher compression ratios generally results in a higher thermal efficiency and more power. The twin port vs. single port fuel injection means they have two injectors at the intake port of each cylinder instead of one. It's debatable whether this is really helpful for making more power or not. The bore size is the diameter of the throttle body and is a direct correlation between how much power (more air = more power) the engine could theoretically make. The larger bore shows that Harley is trying to get more power out of the street rod.

    If you were looking at either bike, I would agree that the Street Rod is the one to get. Really, I think it's what the Street 750 should have been from the outset. I still think it's too heavy and too pricey, but that's just Harley for you.

  2. I am really torn between the HD Roadster and the HD Street Rod as my first bike. I am 5' 4" (height) and have seen that the Roadster may be a bit tall . Help!?!? What are your views for a first bike basically to and from work (highway, beltway & city driving)? Does the HD Street Rod offer a visible fuel gauge?

  3. the "high output" is just higher reving, the rod has like a 13% pony increse so, basically nothing. MAtt laidlaw has great videos of ANY harley here on youtube

  4. you wanna do something cool for your bike to make it better on the trails you ride take the front sprocket from an 883 it has if I remember one or two teeth less than the 1200 will easily mount bolt on but give you a slightly lower gear ratio more control off road and faster response on power just think pedal bikes and the night and day different of changing gears on them

  5. Hey, Ariel here I have a YoutTube channel dedicated to the XG Street 500 / 750 please feel free to check-it-out. My question is will the Street Rod 750 forks fit in the Street 750? ie are they the same dimensions for diameter?

  6. Do not take advice from Dan Dan The Fireman he is Novice! His lack of understanding should warn you away from listening to him. If he is honest and you ask him directly he would tell you so.

  7. throttle body is what contains the butterfly valve, regulating how much air can get into the engine. the street 750 has one throttle body feeding both cylinders with air, and the street rod has 2 throttle bodies. each cylinder gets its very own instead of sharing one. it basically allows the engine to get more air into the combustion chambers. the compression ratio is how much pressure is made in the combustion chamber when air and fuel are pulled in by the piston moving downward in the cylinder. when it comes back up, air and fuel are compressed and then ignited by the spark plug. the explosive force is what moves the piston back down and the next time it moves up, the exhaust valve will open and the piston will push what's left from that explosion out thru the tailpipe. raising the compression ratio will produce a little more power, usually helping the low end torque.

  8. Street Rod 750 is better than the Sportster 883. The only thing better about the 883 is the sound. Everything else is a downgrade compared to the new High output 750. The 750 is quicker off the line and has a higher top speed. It's built like more of a sport bike engine. It would be better to compare the 750 to the 1200.

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