2017 Harley Davidson Street Rod 750 Review

2017 Harley Davidson Street Rod 750 Review 1


2017 Harley Davidson Street Rod 750 Review

So here it is my review of the 2017 Harley Davidson Street Rod 750. No BS just my honest feedback on how I felt the bike performed, to give you some insight I must say I was pleasantly surprised! Even you haven’t done so make sure you go for a test ride on this bike and let me know your thoughts

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  1. I love everything about the bike, if I was 5'11 or shorter. The bike really needs a higher seat option where you can sit a bit back as well. For this style bike 30.0 inches is somewhat low. The mid-controls with an 8 inch ground clearance really squash anyone 6 foot or over. Also the shift pedal is tight for someone with 10+ size feet. I may get this bike if I can get a custom flat seat that's higher put on it.

  2. I enjoyed your review. Im currently trying to decide between the Street Rod or the 883. What do you think of the 883?

  3. I own a 2010 fatbob i love it! but i am currently working on getting a street rod took a test ride and liked it its completely different from the bob but is extremely easy to use and super fun if you are someone who doesn't like being in a sports bike like position then the street rod is NOT for you!

  4. Just bought one – second bike alongside my Blackbird. Very very different bikes but it's something alternative to the UJM and I personally like the looks. Enough power and handling to have fun in the twisties.

  5. It is really the worst bike Harley has ever come out with – the entire Street line. It boggles the mind how they could produce such a mess.

  6. It's a 'street bike' yet runs hot, has poor ergo's and bar-end mirrors?

    So it's uncomfortable, hot and to wide to split lane's. Are they smoking crack at HD R&D?

  7. Great review!  I always wanted to learn more about the Street 750.  Great starter bike.  Briefly looked at them when I was in the market, but fell in love with the Fat Bob.  Take care my friend!

  8. I hit up a Harley Demo Ride here in Connecticut a few weekends ago. I took the Street Rod 750 for a spin and honeslty hated it. The right side brake foot controls are a nightmare. I had ridden the Street 750 last year at the same event and it was a much better ride without Harley's modifications to make it whatever the Street Rod 750 is supposed to be. I also took out the new Sportster Roadster and if your looking for something that is lighter, nimble and fun I recommend the Roadster over the Street Rod 750.

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