2017 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special : PowerDrift

2017 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special : PowerDrift 1


2017 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special : PowerDrift

Harley Davidson Street Glide Special- a motorcycle bigger than the legacy it carries. We ride and glide through the roads of Deogarh to find out if this motorcycle lives up to the hype!

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  1. its high time you guys do a video about your personal favorite cars and bikes and about the ones you guys personally own..

  2. Its a pleasure watching reviews from you guys!! "Kudos"to you all..But I have an earnest request towards you to make a full review of Harley Davidson's "Iron 883" 2017 edition as you have never covered that yet & I hope there are many viewers who all are planning to buy that baby as it's more pocket friendly 😛 & don't have the intention to spare the hefty amount of 20Lacs on the bulky HDs. Waiting to see that soon brothers!!

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