2017 Harley Davidson Street Glide Review

2017 harley davidson street glid
2017 harley davidson street glid


2017 Harley Davidson Street Glide Review

This is a £23,995 motorcycle at time of review, so it has a lot of competition from exotic motorcycles with superchargers, Italian creations, it’s one of the most expensive touring motorcycles on the road today.

I was looking for a touring motorcycle so I just have to try the Street Glide out. The engine is great, you’ll get bored if you treat it like a sports bike because it’s designed to cruise, so if you ride it correctly you will be rewarded with a ton of torque and the most comfortable ride you’re ever likely to experience. The rear suspension soaks up every single bump.

I figured a few things out along the way, the vent near the screen is to stop buffeting and the rumble is produced by electronic fuel injection trickery, so it’s silky smooth on the road, then you come to a stop and the fuel injection creates a rumble, possibly by shutting down a cylinder every few rotations. It’s cool to see technology being used like this as it gives you the rumble you want at stand still and the smoothness when accelerating or cruising.

It’s is still a lot of money for a motorcycle. Personally I would buy one second-hand and save £10k (Ouch! imagine the depreciation).

I would still like to own a Street Glide in the future. It’s a very special motorcycle that made me feel happy when riding, it’s components are good quality and I would expect a motorcycle like this to have a very long life span.



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  1. I rented a Street Glide Harley for 1 day and went about 650 km, very nice bike, even in the rain I didn't get too wet.
    It felt like I was driving a small car. I drive on the right side of the road so it's a bit unnerving watching this video.

  2. Good vid, all ways liked a HD, never got around to getting one, have a thunderbird LT, very much like, the heavy ness is only till you get used to it then it feels like it gets easy more the more you do it. Good to see a UK vid

  3. Enjoyed the Video very much. As a Harley rider I like to see what people without a Harley bias think of the bikes. The button on the fairing by the windshield is for a vent that helps control buffeting. You won't notice much of a difference on the Street Glide with a stock windshield but on models with taller shields it helps quite a bit. with it open it equalizes the pressure so the wind no longer rattles your head around at highway speeds. Thanks for the review….. By the way, that was an awful American accent..lol

  4. Outstanding review I think you got a knack for this kind of stuff. I want to steal your video and post it on my channel LOL

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