2017 Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 – Test Ride and Review – Badass ? – South San Francisco

2017 Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 - Test Ride and Review - Badass ? - South San Francisco 1


2017 Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 - Test Ride and Review - Badass ? - South San Francisco

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I test ride the 2017 883, and answer the question – is this badass ? is this a good bike ? what are the weaknesses of this bike – if any ?
This is an 2017 883 review with unique perspectives.
I discuss American sportsbikes and what is America’s interpretation of a sportsbike ?
I rode the 2016 883, and discuss why i still did another test ride of this bike ?
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  1. I picked up my new Iron 883 (in the gorgeous Red Iron Denim) last week in part because of this review (I had been 'working' on getting the bike for over a month) and I would like to make some comments for those interested. First some prerequisites. The trans on my car dropped so have been using the bike for work — ~95 miles round trip so have put almost 600 miles on the bike in the first week — open, hilly rides in Western Iowa.

    First, the bike is just 'bad assed' looking — many people passing by stop and look. Second, it has not been very happy on the highways (getting better as it breaks in), but oh it just LOVES leaving the gate. :o) Third, the mirrors stink. I am not a very big individual (5'7ish, 160 pounds), but I cannot see anything behind me without leaning over. Fourth, the headlights leave much to be desired. On Sundays, I leave work at 10pm and even with high beams, I can only see the road about 100 feet ahead. Admittedly, I am currently riding with a smoked visor on my helmet but even when I lift it it does not offer much improvement. Fifth, the 'weight' of the bike should not deter newer riders. Yes, I have already dropped it — a failed, corky attempt to pause and go without setting feet down — and not being a strong individual by any stretch of the imagination (with arthritis to boot) I was able to pick it up and go in less than a minute (embarrassment might have something to do with that! :o) ).

    I particularly like this bike because it has that James Dean/Marlon Brando look and feel to it (I decline to include, say, Fonzie because Henry Winkler could not ride worth the… :o) ). All in all, this bike is a dream to behold and if your rides are typically less than 100 miles between stops and you stay at about 45-60 mph, it will outmatch ANYTHING on the road. Just my honest opinions.

  2. Sorry but HD has never made anything close to "An American made" sports bike. Buell yes, but never HD. The closest they could come was the 1976 cafe model and that was a pig.

    Second you may want to start looking into where the major components of a HD are from. I have a feeling you'll be disappointed.

  3. I have had two softails and I am an experienced rider. I'm downgrading to this Bike. Just want something I can pay cash for. No Financing bull shit just a good, paid for, commuter bike…

  4. Start the bike, turn left and ride straight through a stop sign. Legend:)  I own a 2017 883- love it to bits, but I ride on dirt road getting off my farm, so my bike will never arrive anywhere looking clean. And putting on the right side pillion peg for the missus was a real pain- you can't remove the rear master cylinder without first removing the exhaust- they didn't tell me that in the brochure:)   JayInOz

  5. Man.. I hope my grandpa buys me one. He said he was gonna get me a Harley for my 17th birthday. But I've always been fascinated with Iron 883 but he likes softtails, I think that's the name.

  6. Nice! Mine comes in next week. I'm definitely going to have to throw on forward controls. How tall are you? I'm 6'3" and found the mids a little too close. thanks for the upload

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