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  1. Why are Davidson trying to copy Suzuki & Yamaha they dont have the technical knowhow and will just produce an average bike at an inflated price. Indian is the way to go I think.

  2. Hey Matt, I know its been out a while, but seriously nice review, you get into the details! I have a 17 FXSB in Crushed Ice Denim, and I freaking love it!! I wanted to ask you an unrelated ? if you don't mind? What are you using to record your audio with the helmet cam, I have not found anything that clear. Thank you VERY much for your informative reviews and for your help!

  3. Great bike. But you're lack of road etiquette is horrible. Driving on the wrong side of the road, cutting other drivers off just to get to be FIRST in line is rude and childish.

  4. Looks like my Suzuki Intruder/S83…from the front. Why do so many HD models look like they are sagging from the rear? This bike, along with the Fatboy, look level which for me is a better look.

  5. innovative? the rocker was a rebadged steed(minus the premium features)… steed went under and Harley bought the designs from them.

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