2017 Harley-Davidson RoadGlide Special Review │ What’s New for 2017 Model year

2017 harley davidson roadglide s
2017 harley davidson roadglide s

In-Depth look at the new 2017 Road Glide Special with the New Milwaukee 8 Engine. Test ride and detailed Walk-around of one of Harley-Davidson’s Most popular “Baggers”. Matt Laidlaw gives a brief history of the bike and high lights some of the major changes that have happened in recent years to to enhance this Motorcycle.

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  1. I've done over 10,000 kms on my 2016 RG S and everything you say is spot on.
    I did ride the street glide M8 recently and noticed the suspension improvements and quietness of the motor.
    You made a great review

  2. Matt Laidlaw's reviews helping make my decisions easier as always! keep them coming we appreciate them!

  3. Great vid and info! Thanks for sharing. I love my 2015 RGS and really need to stop watching these demo vids of the M8 bikes. Foul temptress! All in good time, all in good time (or 100K miles, whichever 😉

  4. Nice job on the review. Really loved the detail on the history and specs on what and why the bike has what it has. I'm not a Harley hater but I just dont like to fold safely into the flock just because its what "real bikers ride". I've owned a Yamaha, two Victory baggers and an Indian Chieftan. Due to the closing of a local Indian dealer, nowhere close to get my bike serviced, and the flippant attitude of corporate and the feeling of abandonment when I had some questions…..well I find myself in the market for a HD. Thing is, this actually seems like a bike I'd enjoy riding. I appreciate the engineering that went into the Milwaukee 8, and the overall revamping of the chasis and suspension. I also love the look of the sharknose. Anyway, your review put me over the edge. I plan on owning one by spring.

  5. Well unfortunately showing my old age, I believe that the early predecessor to the Road Glide (which I ride) .
    Was a bike back in the 1980's known as the "Tour Glide", dual headlights, frame mounted fairing, and also had the rear drive chain completely encased in a shroud.

  6. I'm sorry but HD's are air cooled and have a cable clutch.   Four valves, hyd. clutch, liquid cooling, I'm fuck it's GD jap bike, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. May I ask what your relationship is to the dealership?
    You're spot on saying that the RGS is for bigger/ taller riders. Especially the ones before Rushmore. Short guys like Street Glides. What other bikes do you recommend for bigger riders?

  8. Great review. One thing I noticed when your group was riding through the curves was that you were not following the ultimate path for safety. You might want to take a look at this info on YouTube and share it with your group. I wish I had known this before I had my accident. Also something that helped me be safer was looking up gyroscope and how the two wheels on a motorcycle are actually two gyroscope wheels. Hope that will help to have safer rides.

  9. Met you & your Grandpa. You guys are alright. Dedicated & down to earth. Love your video's you are very thorough & knowledgeable and your presentations are A-1 !!

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