2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Review & Test Ride │ New Milwaukee 8 Engine

2017 harley davidson road king r 1
2017 harley davidson road king r 1

Detailed Review and Test Ride of the new 2017 Harley-Davidson Road King. Buyer’s Tips and information geared around helping you make an educated purchasing decision. Walk around highlights and point of the H-D Road King. Buyers. Review and test ride given by Matt Laidlaw of Laidlaw’s Harley-Davidson

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  1. A great review.  You really know your stuff.  I am 6'1 300lbs of muscle and I loved my Road King because it was big enough and had the torque to pull me up hills etc without winding it up like most sport bikes require.  I sold my King a few years back and now really miss it; no other bike fits like that and has the rear travel to keep me suspended without bottoming out on rough roads. Looking forward to getting a new Road King with a more powerful engine; mine was an old evo, so I'm hoping for some more torque to play with.

  2. Matt, is the ABS option also linked? Is the upgrade comparable to whats on the Electra-Glide? Thanks!

  3. Great review, helped me make the decision to buy a 2017 Road King a couple of months ago. I love my road king, great bike, rides great, and a perfect bike for someone my size. 6' 290lbs. The 107 is an awesome motor.

  4. Matt, how's your Dad doing? Haven't seen him since 2007. Went to a big bash he had back then and Panhead Billy was there…Was a great party…..!

  5. Very nice review. Question: are power ports an option in the hard bags? If not, where would one generally place a power port on this bike? Thanks!

  6. Great review Matt. Really helps a lot. I'm pleasantly surprised that being a dealer you don't toe the corporate line like so many others. Pros AND cons is pretty refreshing. And yeah, I liked it enough to subscribe and look forward to watching a lot more.

  7. Hey Scott. Outstanding work, thanks. I really like the Road King…alot. I'm 5'-9" 150. In really good shape, but still. Without meeting face to face, is your experience any issues with guys my size on the King?

  8. Im buying my first Harley this year and I have been back and forth as to buying a used ultra or a new Road king I want the new motor so Im going to buy the 2017 Road king thanks for the great reviewe I have watched it a few times now good work ,

  9. The 2017's may be better than the older models but I went with the Indian Springfield. It outclasses the RK in virtually every category.

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