2017 Harley Davidson Road King Review at RevZilla.com

2017 Harley Davidson Road King Review at RevZilla.com

Harley Davidson Road King Review

Unabashed in style and unapologetic in purpose, the 2017 Harley Road King comes to the scene loaded for bear with the all-new Milwaukee Eight engine. Long-range ready, and as robust in comfort features as it is in heritage, there are few motorcycles on the road that can match aptitude with attitude on the same level as the Harley Road King. In this motorcycle review, Lemmy shares his well-earned thoughts on the new 2017 Road King, as well as the MoCo. itself, while logging some autumn miles on the backroads of PA.

Gear Used In This Video:

Simpson Ghost Bandit Helmet:

Schott Perfecto 519 Jacket:

Klim K Fifty 1 Jeans:
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  1. Lemmy you're the best reviewer out there! This is one Hell of a motorcycle, the real deal without the infotainment bells and whistles crap! The true motorcycle experience, just the sound of the amazing Milwaukee-Eight mixed with the wind!

  2. Oh and his review is lacking. When he talked on and on about the breaking system he left out the one thing that "ONLY" the Harley-Davidson has Linked Breaking System has. That would be you can drag the rear break only at 10 mph parking lot speeds. This dragging the rear break adds a lot of upright stability at those slow speed maneuvers. When you step on the rear break at parking lot speeds the front break does not get activated. Only the rear break. Only Harley-Davidson has this feature! Control at slow speeds is difficult when riding a huge bike so I give a lot of credit to Harley-Davidson. BTW he say's he needs to use a lot of strength on the right front break to get them to work properly. I'm 67 years and I can and do use 1 finger over the front break lever for almost all my breaking. Yes sometimes I put all or most of the fingers on my right hand over the lever as a safety precaution when I know I will not be twisting the throttle. But it's not really necessary because I use one finger breaking most of the time and keep the other fingers wrapped around the throttle for maximum control and a very secure grip on the handlebars.

  3. At 9:23 check out the heavy chain he's got strapped onto his pants. What a pussy phony biker! A reviewer wearing a fairly heavy chain no that's a laugh! This poser is a joke!

  4. What a phony ass. No recent (2013) Harley-Davidson Touring Motorcycle , including the Road King will rattle your filling's loose. They have just a perceptible motor vibration and that's mostly at idle. It's also deliberate as they could eliminate the vibration if they wanted too! To make his point this guy usually goes overboard with his language as if he is a novelist.
    Every time I see this guy, and I do give him a chance, he always say's something offensive and that's why I say he's a wanna be PHONY Biker. Check out his perfect gear and that's a big clue as well.
    Revzilla has got to get someone else for these reviews.

  5. The road king is great, but why is there no advertising on the fat boy 2017 model.  I am an experienced Harley owner/rider and I would go with the fat boy first and second choice would be the softail heritage.  Show us a fat boy for 2017 brother

  6. When it's raining and or I can't ride my new Road King, I watch this video to cheer me up. The new motor is incredible, and the more I ride it, the more I love it.

  7. ABS has saved lives. How can you say it is not preferable? Have you ever been caught in a sudden rain situation? Or unexpected wet roads especially in a turn? Then you said people that buy the Road King are usually not going to put a lot of aftermarket items on it. Where did you get that from? Was there a study? Or was that just an opinion?

  8. I have a strange request, can u get a comparison on baggers like road glide Vs tourers like BMW k1600 or something like that. you've got a subscribers anyways. thanks

  9. Stoked on the 2017 reviews so far. Any idea what else HD is going to let Lemmy & Co. rip around on? Roadster? Nightrod? CVO Pro Street Breakout (ridiculous name…smh)?

  10. anyone knows the price of that Road king 2017? my wet dream is having one of those to ride on every day

  11. if the brakes were to easy … they would be sissy brakes and harleys are not for sissy boys ! thats the whole idea about h.d yada yada only real men ride 'em

  12. I remember your review of the 1800 goldwing, glad to see you're not biased, I myself would like to rent a 107 for a longer than 5 minute test ride especially factory tune, for the short rides it's already leaps and bounds better than the 103 but still not quite the power output of other touring bikes

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