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  1. Like it, you hid the antena? how about clear LED strip lights on the bags and do you have lighted clusters for you instrument controls? I've done to my 2016 FLTRXS what I mentioned in addition to bars and highway pegs, LED driving lights and V&H 4.5 hi output exhaust love it enough that I'm putting on over 1600 miles a month without commuting to work. No engine upgrades on mine but will eventually do headpipes, intake and fuel processor. Great video!

  2. Real nice bike. Thanks for doing the video, Have been curious of results on stage 4. Thanks. I am going the same route with the seat and fender.

  3. nice bike bud anyone who talks trash about that scooter is a fool. what is your average highway speed when riding and how is the handling of the bike with those bars?

  4. Love the open front fender. I have a 2016 RGS and LOVE IT. The front of the RG looks straight out MEAN coming at ya at night. I did 14 inch Factory 47 apes and love the comfort. Good luck and ride safe bro.

  5. Thank you for this video but you didn't answer you're own question.. is it worth the 5grand??
    Check out my 2017 road glide on instagram @hd_khol

  6. killer bike man! is that price number with install or just for parts? i have a 2012 street bob 96ci and thinking about getting the road king special what are your thought and putting the stage 3 on it?

    thanks man a ride the shit out of that!

  7. Nice bike .Why don't you like the navigation ? Why not black out the mirrors ?I hope you joined the Harley rewards program .It saved me thousands on service when I did a stage I ,stage II audio and tons of airflow levers and floorboards etc . I don't believe they have pipes for the 114 ci yet Those aftermarket pipes and tuners may void your warranty ,so be careful with that. Remember to do all upgrades with in the first 60 days of purchase the Harley only parts are covered .Even under the extended warranty .

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