2017 Harley-Davidson “Murdered Out” Street Glide Specials │Milwaukee Eight Engines

2017 harley davidson murdered ou
2017 harley davidson murdered ou

Walk-Around of 2 Murdered-Out 2017 Milwaukee 8 Street Glide Specials! Matt Laidlaw goes over some Highly-Customized 2017 Street Glide Specials in both Denim Black and Charcoal Denim. The new 2017 Milwaukee 8 is a completely new engine design with new Cosmetics and design.
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  1. Hott!! Now I can't wait for spring to get me a M8…. & accesssories!
    But….RED Sunglo babyyyy!!!! And I'm gonna look like "a fly in the milk" (like my grandpa used to say before he left this shitty world…) with all these black bikes around…. and lovin it!
    Thanks for the tease Matt!!!

  2. is your dealership having Adam Sandavol come to your dealership,for the show kick stands up?they will be in so call next week.

  3. Nobody will tell me what the purpose of a bike like this is. There are Sport touring bikes that will out perform them in every category and cost less. Yet the show rooms are filled with this cruiser crap . Why?   Touring bikes are for comfortable touring, dirt bikes are for off road, crotch rockets are for high speed hot rodding, sport touring bikes make good hot rods and good touring, but these cruisers do nothing well and cost a lot? What are they for? I ask but all I get is evasion , and mumbling!

  4. Lets look at this bike for what it really is. It's a piece of shit. The seating position is too low, and feet too far forward for quick riding, it has a huge engine that is outdated and underpowered, it has a very large price tag and can't perform as well as a 1965 650 Triumph!

  5. How much wider or bigger are these over a breakout when on the road?
    I want one for my next bike but worried I'll get stuck behind cars at the lights. Our lanes get a bit tight here in Australia.

  6. do they have a similar 'blacked out' package you can buy for the hd roadsters? I have a denim black roadster and would like to convert some of the gloss black and chrome pieces to denim black. thanks

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