2017 Harley-Davidson Milwaukee Eight Revealed │Everything you need to know │Detailed Footage


Get a detailed First look at the new Engine Harley-Davidson just released for the 2017 Model year. Live footage from the Dealer Announcement meeting in Boston, MA,

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  1. this guy dont know doodly squat about the Mil 8..alot has changed in the prmiary ..its slimmer so people can flat foot the road at stop lights,.. and also the compensator is very different, and the name mil 8,,. is because it has 8 Valves …4 per cylinder,.. not because of the number of v twins Harley has produced ..its the 9th

  2. amazing how people talk shit about Harley if u don't want one don't ride one ..me I like the old BASIC Harley . Harley doesn't want to make the same thing as everyone else.

  3. From an engineering standpoint, this looks like a piece of shit. Should have done away with primary chains like everyone else in the 1930's. These engines are nothing more than lipstick on a pig. Only nice things are the new fly wheels and dual plugs. Victory and indian are blowing away Harley's in every conceivable way.

  4. Very informative, thank you. I know everyone is knocking Harley for just now catching up with the other manufacturers that pretty much do all of this already-as in my 2014, 113 Cubic Inch Star Stratoliner S. BUT! This is Harley is using the 4 valve engine design for now the 3rd time so in reality not playing catch up. And don't knock the Milwaukee Eight till you have ridden it. I test drove the Road Glide 107. And Damn! It was Awesome the ride the power and the handling was spot on in the foothills of Colorado. My only complaint is that at 6'1" it's still cramped compared to my Strat. Nevertheless I'm in the process of getting ready to buy the RGM8. Harley is a company that seems slow in development only because it is a traditional company. Like Henry Rifles. Yes there are better bike and rifles and if your in the market for the latest and greatest there not for you. My background, started building motorcycles in 1969, drag biked in the 80's owned Ninjas, Harley FXSTC, Hondas CBs CX's, dirt bikes. And Several Yamaha and Star Motorcycles. Ride on and play nice! Lol!

  5. Great review thanks ! love your shop in LA rgs from Dublin Ireland ,I drive a Fat Boy 2015 had two fat bobs before but didn't like the vibes, I wonder when will they put the new engine in the softails any idea?

  6. harley what have you been doing so far I don't understand. I mean you could have gotten out much better performance of your engines. big engines with almost no performance and still using two valves per cylinder? why did not make your engines 4 valves per cylinder with water cooling system? your engines are big but produce as much horse power as a 500cc engine would today. make your engines big bored. that will sacrifice the torque? ok then make them balanced between big bore and big stroke so that you can have a better combination of both. and yes 2 valves per cylinder could change the exhaust note that is so dear to you. there can be so many things that can be done and others have been doing it for decades but almost did not change. I don't understand why

  7. thank you for taking the time to make this video, very informative.. I'll definitely have to ride one before I give a opinion, looks promising though

  8. changing the motor sound for less engine noise…. nothing sounded better then the old noisy shovelheads and iron heads

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