2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide │ Review and Test Ride

2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide │ Review and Test Ride

Full Details, Test Ride, and Review of the 2017 Dyna Wide Glide Harley-Davidson. Matt Laidlaw does a comprehensive walk-around and description of the popular Dyna Wide Glide. Learn all the details and use the information to help you make an informed decision if this is the bike for you!
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  1. I found your channel after seeing the Fatboy review you did, and have watched a few others today. Thanks much for taking the time to talk about the bikes history, what it's pros and cons are, and where it would fit well into people's lifestyles. It's extremely helpful, Matt. I've had a few Harley's including a Street Glide Special, Soortster, 05 FXDWGI, 03 Night Train with a SE 117, and currently ride a '16 DWG. I also bought my wife a '15 FXDL for a wedding present. Many of the YouTube reviews seem to lean toward sales pitches for three minutes – your time, patience, and honesty are extremely helpful and important, Matt. If ever in SoCal, I'll be sure to swing by to thank you personally and check out your shop. And I'll keep my eyes peeled for a FXDL review. Ride safe.

  2. Thanks for this review and for starting to explain the confusing world of Harley models. I wish there were more videos explaing the differnces between glide this and DLXR that and Road King and whatever. Keep up the great work with all these videos.

  3. Looks great, sounds like a wet fart though, I've an "A" motor twin cam Wide Glide, 1999. Has 154,000 miles, only a shift drum change, the rest has never been apart, still no leaks! Does emit a puff of smoke at high rpm however. We all know what that means. Cool vid Matt


    I'm torn between a 100% street bike like this or a Triumph Scrambler (2017)… I mean this is a Harley Davidson… But it's offroad capabilites must be about 0. It wasn't build for something like offroading… I'm not a fan of Enduros or something but being able to be a bit flexible when it comes to riding terrain I would like to have a bike that can do that… But the triumph hasn't the same amount of class that the HD Dyna WG has… also large trips should be possible and I don't know what Harley to chose than… or just stay with the Triumph… idk really! Help!

  5. What a great looking bike from the seat forward. Love the rake of it. If it had a hidden mono shock, fuller fender and a nice 240 on the back it would be killer. But I dig the fact they are trying to get the bobber look, just not my taste. Nothing money can't fix

  6. I was born in 1972 and growing up I caught the bug watching guys chop their bikes and ride down the road. It took me 25 years but got my 2012 FXDWG. I knew what I wanted and put 1000.00 down over the phone before I even walked into the shop. The old school look rocks but yeah handling isn't the best but that doesn't matter to me. When I ride I always hear "What a beautiful bike". I Love mine and wouldn't trade mine for anything.

  7. Two quick questions: According to harley the dynas have a better mileage or same as a street, first I was like "must be a typo", but then started to wonder about the heavy duty torque. Maybe is not so crazy to think the mileage is similar when the engine needs very little effort to move the weight. Or is it?
    The second one is about the heat on the traffic, how possible is it to get over heated if you get stuck in traffic? on the bike I mean, I don´t care about the legs…

    Both questions are related in the sense that I´ve owned a street 750 for about a year but I´m thinking of trading it to a bigger engine. I´m curious how resilient are those air cooled engines vs. the liquid cooled on the street, because oh boy, they get HOT

    Your videos are awesome, I´ve had japanese bikes but I´m not going back there, harleys are differnt, just that Sexy.

  8. Hi Mat, I bought a 2013 Dyna Super Glide Custom Vivid black lots of chrome Vance and Hines straight shots added a Vand H Fuelpak FP3 TO GET RID OF The popping through town and it did, I have to say I love this bike, Just asking  I would like a lower bad ass sound. Whats your take on the big shots, One more thing I got it up to 118 mph almost 120 not to smart on my part because it started doing so kind of wobble what would cause that?

  9. Hard to find many good reviews or test ride videos on the Wide Glide, thanks for doing one! I've test rode one at a local test our metal event(Lloydminster, AB Canada) as well as a Fat Bob, Street Bob, and 1200 Roadster. Wide Glide is the only one that put an instant ear to ear grin on my face! The others were good, but just the light easy feeling after the first turn was phenomenal. I am still going back and forth between the Wide Glide and 1200 Custom for a first bike. Would love to see your take on the Custom as well as the Breakout. Keep up the great videos!

  10. What about the Breakout? It looks similar with the rake but the Breakout is a softtale and a wide back tire.

  11. Do you think the Wide Glide would make a good commuter bike for some who is 6'4"? I'm looking at around 80 miles per day commute all interstate. I'm thinking a Wide Glide with a luggage rack and a nice bag would make a good commuter?

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