2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna Fat Bob (FXDF)│In-Depth Review and Test Ride

2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna Fat Bob (FXDF)│In-Depth Review and Test Ride

Full, Detailed review of the Harley-Davidson Dyna Fat Bob (FXDF) 2017 Model Year. Get all the details on this “sleeper” Dyna that isn’t as popular as some of the other Dynas but is the best “all-around” dyna according to Matt Laidlaw of Laidlaw’s Harley-Davidson in Baldwin Park, Ca.
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  1. Matt I completely agree with you on the comfort of this bike, especially if you're taller than average. The tyres really smooth out the road and the seat is mega comfy HOWEVER (you knew that was coming right?) I own a Lowrider S and I've had a Fatbob twice as a full day loaner while mine was in getting serviced. I'm in Scotland, we don't have straight roads and I took the Fat bob from Edinburgh Harley, south to the borders for an all day blast about. Bumpy tight twisty roads, up and down like a roller-coaster. Don't get me wrong I absolutely loved it, seriously, it was awesome, but I didn't feel it changed direction as quick. It actually felt like a softer version of the Lowrider S, softer ride, softer power AND softer geometry. That's not a bad thing, it was plenty fast enough and a felt GREAT to ride.
    Also, I don't know, I couldn't get past the idea that they tried to do a Triumphy Harley for the European market. I actually like the way it looks and the reason I took it twice was because out of the whole forecourt, that's the one I'd have. If I didn't already have a Lowrider S, which with forwards, is kind of a fat bob, that's also a complete lunatic.

  2. Hi Matt, great review. Iv done a test ride on this machine twice. Loved it. I do have a query though regarding the 2017 colour "crushed ice denim" . . considering it a white matte finish would this be really difficult to maintain? Would it be tough to get rid of stains? Is the colour a good option to go in for?

  3. Damn dude, I know your store is right there but crossing double yellows so you don't have to wait? haha seems stupid but you do you man.

  4. Hi Matt that's a Excellent Super Cool Review Man. For Everybody Who Doesn't Know About this Bike You Really Opened It man. Appreciate it. I'm a hardcore Dyna fan. i have now street 750 which is not a great riding bike IMO. and our indian dealers have limited harleys bikes & doesn't offer Low Rider or Low Rider S. so, now i want to trade that in to street bob or fat bob. so i'm kinda serious dilemma which one to buy. and i am from india & my height is 6'1. and our indian roads are very bad man. little bit bumpy. i'm about to Flip a coin. so please help me out man. which bike is best street or fat bob

  5. One thing I've noticed about the Harley community – they're always dissing any model they don't own. It reminds me of a bunch of high school girls finding someone to pick on.

  6. I took a Fatbob for a test ride and quite liked it. I prefer mid mount controls as I find the wind lifts my feet off the fowards at higher speeds, whereas it keeps them down on the mids. The twin brake discs were excellent, if I ever bought a Dyna with a single disc I would convert it to twin (you can use Fatbob fork lowers on a Streetbob). There's no real comparison in my opinion, even if you upgrade the caliper and master cylinder on a single.

  7. From a lifelong sport bike rider now 50+ the Dyna Fat Bob is the only Harley Davidson I would consider after a "thorough shakedown"

  8. So I am looking at getting back into riding after 12 years off a bike, this was one I was looking at and then I hear you say not a good bike for newbs to ride, not that I am a total newb, I am 6'2" 300 and love the dyna series bikes, the tires on the this one nd the lights is what made me consider this ride, in your opinion which bike should I consider for getting back into riding cruisers?
    Hands down you put out the best review vids for HD motorcycles sir.

  9. Great review! I quite like the styling. The dual lights are a nice touch and quite practical for better night riding. I bought this as it sits well between a dyna and softail. Big enough to be a softail and practical (ride and handling) enough to be a dyna. My next upgrade would be a softail slim. Military matt green.

  10. Thank you for the review. In the video, you emphasized that this is not a bike meant for beginners. Would it be a decent bike for someone who is returning to riding after an 8ish year hiatus?

  11. Because of that review, I'll buy the fat bob instead of the street bob. Thank you so much man! I watched all the 2017 reviews! Can't wait for other reviews

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