2017 Harley-Davidson Breakout – Test Drive/Review

2017 Harley-Davidson Breakout - Test Drive/Review

Welcome back! So I got to test drive the 2017 Harley Davidson Breakout and I was aw-stuck with the power; but the brakes and mirrors really killed the experience for me. In this review we talk about the pros and cons of the bike. I talk about engine breaking, the seat and what I would change. This bike is actually amazing on the highway not so much in town… So make sure leave a like and check out my other test drives πŸ™‚

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MY Bike: Kawasaki Vulcan Custom 900
My Car: 2016 Honda Civic LX
My Cameras: Drift Ghost HD (Helmet) Go Pro Hero Session 4 (Handle bars/second Angle)
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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  1. Please….Im not mocking the Vulkan but it's no where near in the same category as this HD, the Breakout is leaps and bounds ahead. Sorry but this was a biased vid. Just ride what you like but don't knock any bike especially when it's so much better than what you ride. Ride safe.

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