2017 CVO Street Glide Harley-Davidson │Colors and Description │What’s New

2017 cvo street glide harley dav
2017 cvo street glide harley dav

2017 Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide shown in all 4 colors. Video Taken at in Boston at the Dealer Announcement Meeting. Get a walk-around view of all 4 colors of the new 2017 CVO Street. Find out what’s new this year.
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  1. I'm thinking of trading my 2015 Road Glide Special for the new CVO Street Glide. I just have to convince the wife that I need it!

  2. Can't wait until my 2017 ultra limited is done. Went with the charcoal and black denim. Totally blacking all chrome pieces out. Black exhaust and black agitator wheels and a 114" upgrade along with stage 2 stereo. She's gonna be sweet.

  3. Why is it the best touring/sport or whatever bike in the world? It is WAY overpriced, You can get the same features on other bikes, these harleys are from the same mold. Screw color and chrome. These bikes have no personality. But then again, HD these days is not for bikers anymore. They target the rich weekend riders who will never get the bike near 100+. These prices are outrageous. There are some who buy these bikes and all the pretty Harley Davidson attire…cuz u have to if you wanna fit in for 8 hours on weekends, right?

  4. My thing is the Road Glide. If I had the cash I'd buy one of them faster than you can blink your eyes. I love 'em, especially the CVO model.

  5. Hi,last week-end i was by harley davidson geneva switzerland i saw the same bike sold for 41k swiss francs,damned 41k swiss buks for that no way chrome looks made in taiwann finisch sucks it's not an harley,thanks lord i got an 88ci carb engine and not ready to change it for this pcs of plastic

  6. what he is trying to tell you about the suspension is that harley finally installed automatic rebound and compression damping valves inside the shocks and the front end like exotic sports cars and super cars have to correct high speed cornering ..so when you slam it into a corner the suspension will automatically compensate for rough to smooth and back pavement conditions …so you are saying i dont road race …but you need this if you want to stay safe at any speed ..cause even though at slow speeds where you cant even feel this new suspension doing it's job ..it is also saving your life correcting tire hop and wabble that small bumps in the pavement can set up in the tires …cause you are riding a tank that weighs a half ton …hehehehe  …i ride a dyna that weighs 670 pounds with no bags or nothing at it is all i want …nd cant even pick it back up when it fell over in the yard one day ..didnt hurt anything but my pride when a neighbor riding his moped stoped and pick my dyna back up for me and handed my my boot that was  still trapped under my frame when i yanked my  foot out from under it and walked bare foot into the house …that when the neighbor rang the door bell and said here's your boot and i stood your bike back up for ya  ……dont tell anyone i told this

  7. In 1966 the only blue teeth where in the riders mouth. Talk was of power and torque.
    At 30 G's a copy the riders are now very different folks. Fine people, and affluent.
    For the rest of my career as a biker, my Evolution will do it for me. Hope you all ride long.

  8. I would like a dyna street Bob when I'm older, which year u ask, fucks know they all look the fucking same each year

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