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  1. MrJimmy1437,
    I'll go you one better, It looks a thousand times better than any Honda, and best of all, it's made in the U.S.A……

  2. will never buy a harley I am sure. that's why just waiting for the delivery date of my brand new vmax. I don't want 70 hp out of 1800cc engine plus I want reliability

  3. I still say a piece of shit. What do you like about it? It is underpowered, outdate, foul handling,  on a trip anywhere you get drowned , or fall on your ass. Just name one category that it excels at? You can't because there are none a little, 350 Honda twin is a better all around motorcycle!

  4. $25K is a very steep price w/o a doubt. Just yesterday I got to see this black/gold bike in person at a Pee Wee football game. I must say the tires/rims look great combined with the higher performance 110 engine this bike looks bad-to-the-bone. Very low "slammed-like" appearance. This bike customized has some serious potential looks-wise. Such as blinker LED lighting on the end of the grips as well as a shorter stub-like rear fender. Some real headers wouldn't hurt the cause either.

    Good summation as usual but HD is behind the times here. Why not immediately put the new Milwaukee engine (s) in this bike? Makes no sense. You always offer your best right up front . Forget the marketing pencil pushers wanting to keep the revenue stream going until the current product line gets old and out dated but to me the future is now.

  5. the paint layout is almost a copy of my 88 fxrs custom paint job i have it used to be black on top with two orang stripes and pearl white on bottom. now well since 96 its blue marble up top a purple and a majenta stripes with the pearl on bottom i love this paint design not just cause its mine but it looks cool

  6. What a piece of shit. A  kid on a little Yamaha FZ6R  600 cc could blow that shit in the weeds and ride circles around it

  7. I like the bike and your review but the name says it should have the BIGGEST BADDEST MOTOR Harley makes. Pro Street says RACE!

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