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  1. Great video. I like that you're funny and informative at the same time. It's cool NOEGO is awesome!! Whoever is holding the camera should be taking notes cause you sir are a Master!!!

  2. You ever had any problems with using assembly lube on the cylinder walls with the rings setting during break in?

  3. Just a quick question. Is it worth spending the 10k buying a panhead engine that make 110hp from S&S , or is it more viable to buy the parts yourself, farm out the machine work and would it be possible to get more power and still have a streetable bike?
    The engine would be to go in a lightly bobbed chopper built in one of the adjustable jigs you get the kit for on ebay. So the engine, and possibly fuel tank and gauges would be the only real harley bits in the whole operation. But I'm really questioning 10k for an engine.. I know panhead stuff is getting more expensive, but if I bought a motor off of ebay and bought all the parts myself, could it be done cheaper?

  4. hi tatro.im building 88 cube shovelhead with the heavy side flywheel lightend to the same as the pinionshaft side wheel.forged pistons. what balance factor would you go with..its a road bike.. cheers gary.

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