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  1. Well done and relaxing video with out all the bullshit talk about nothing! I could feel the bike and was into all its sounds. Bravo!less was much more! Sportster is on my shortlist for 2017.

  2. Nobody mentioned it, but I will. It is designed by a Japanese guy 🙂 I do like it, I'm sure I could add it to stable next to my Ducati monster and gsxr and vaquero. When you love bikes, it doesn't matter the brand, they all have their uniqueness.

  3. Ha ha the Harley lifers got that young engineer drunk and he got laid last night. Hence the just about cut's it masculine voice from a wimp.

  4. Having had two sportsters, I can say I love them. However, for harley to only change the tank paint year after year and upcharge $1000 because of it is ridiculous! It's the same damn sportster from 2007!

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