2016 Harley Davidson V-Rod Night Rod Special First Ride & Review

2016 Harley Davidson V-Rod Night Rod Special First Ride & Review

Finally the highly anticipated Harley V-Rod ride and review. Is it better than the Suzuki Boulevard M109?????? Watch both reviews and let me know what you think. Be Sure to subscribe to my channel for future reviews and vlogs. Follow me on SnapChat, Instagram, & Twitter @BikeLifeSik
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  1. iv owned both and now own a v rod. the h.d is deffo an easier bike to ride more rider friendly the m109r is a nice bike but its just so fookin big.

  2. I just bought an 08 night rod special with only 6,000 miles on it. It's the only HD I ever wanted. Love that bike. I'm considering going with mid controls on it though.

  3. Better hurry if you want a new V-Rod, they stopped making them at the end of October 2016. Due to low sales numbers.

  4. Most under-rated Harley ever. Everybody wants that clamshell custom look, but on a bike this fast, mid controls are much better. They made 2 factory versions with em (D "Nightrod" & R Streetrod) or a ~$500 HD conversion. I have an 06 "D" with about 55k miles on it. Everyone should at least test ride one HARD. You. Will. Love it.

  5. Bought a new '16 Muscle back in June. I absolutely LOVE the bike. Rock solid, head turner, faster than necessary! V Rod is the best bike ever made by H-D in my opinion. So needless to say I'm devastated that H-D is discontinuing V-Rod after next month (Oct. 2016). I know in a few years or so when I want a new and/or improved one, they won't be there :(.

  6. I came across your video today and couldn't stop laughing my ass off.. I'm a proud owner of a Harley and a M109r, its hard to compare the bikes because there really two different rides.. if you want to go straight power and torque its the m109r hands down.. the ride on the m109r is a little rough compared to the Harley. so when I just want to hit the high way and ride till im out of gas I just on the Harley .. but the one thing you didn't talk about was the price.. the m109r is around what 12k and the Harley is around 17k

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