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  1. Take it back to the fucking dealer. This guy really must have really shit him self after, the 2017 came out with the Milwaukee 8.

  2. You have to let them know so they can fix it .You can also let the NHTSA KNOW ABOUT IT ,SO THEY CAN HAVE IT RECALLED

  3. Tom, I just want to say thanks. I found out my 2016 flhxs had this problem as well after watching your video. Dealership took care of it after I asked about it during the 1K maintenance. Might want to have your rear wheel bearing checked as well. Mine destroyed itself at 59 miles on the odometer and took the ABS sensor and cable with it as well, fortunately it was at low speed. There was also a factory recall on the brake master cylinder and an issue with the clutch as well. Again, thank you!

  4. mount rushmore package? Is this even your bike? to call it a mount rushmore package makes me think its either not your bike or your just kinda stupid lol.

  5. it happen to me on a 2016 sportster and what I did to fix this is loosen those bolts and slide the grip out a bit problem solve end of mystery.

  6. Just traded my FXDF on a BMW R1200RS. Got to 7500 miles and started having one 'known problem' after the other started to rub me the wrong way. I think when someone told me to 'just spray some WD40 every two weeks or so' on the sticking brake lever on my $23 000 motorcycle, it was the last straw. Touring models are supposed to be less problematic. No more Harleys for me. Ever. The difference in brakes, suspension, power, features, general bike stability and just the general package are night and day.

  7. funny when one person has a problem with something and they call for a national recall. who didn't know that the throttle would stick when you smack it into the switch housing? who also didn't know that backing the housing screws out a hair would solve that? I deal with people like this with their cars all day.

  8. Example demonstrated is why I always disengage the clutch when starting a bike. I don't fully trust neutral light on dashboard. It's a good idea to try to out think the machine when ever possible

  9. Why do you say this should be a recall? If it were my bike, the first time that this happened I would have been at dealership insisting that it be fixed. Sounds like to me that this is your first Harley. Anything built on an assembly line will have a few defects. If you were on a trip when this happened, just compensate and roll the throttle back. I had an 09 and now own a 12 Ultra Limited with the throttle by wire and never had a problem. It looks like the stock grips. I don't this is a fatal flaw, so chill.

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