2016 Harley Davidson Street 750

2016 harley davidson street 750
2016 harley davidson street 750

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  1. I've been binge watching your videos man and I have to you have some pretty high quality stuff keep up the good work ;O

  2. The smaller version engine is actually the same size bike . The only difference between the 500 and the 750 is the diameter of the piston. thanks.

  3. I got one, and I paid little over 7,000 for it, but dame them, they did not tell me interest was going to be over 5,400 comes to a little over 13,000 then they charge some shipping fee over 800, and over 900 for assebely fee. I traded a 1985 yamaha virago for this, they gave me 1,600 for trade in. not to bad for it as it did have some carb issues. I am also to tall for this bike, I am 6ft tall. 217 pounds. not good for long trips. ass hearts on this thing. got to take a break about ever 30 minutes. I know I got screwed on this bike, Just not what I expected and can't believe I checked out reviews on this bike after I got it. And did not know this was manifactured in india, and shipped to the USA, so I was thinking I was getting my first real harley, hahaha what joke. So no not made in the USA, whitch really sucks. Anyway not a bad bike, more like a honda shadow, not harley, They could have done better on this bike, like expose wiring, mirrors that you can't see what is right behind you. single disc brakes with only one rotor on one side. And seating position not good. Don't like where the foot pegs are, and have to rest your right foot on exhaust, Anyway just wanted to say some stuff about this bike. Just can't believe this was not made in america, and also the switches just like any other jap bike, nothing like a harley the way that is setup.

  4. Yes, the stock mirrors suck on the Street 750. Harley does sell another pair that are identical to these except they have a longer stem with a wider sight view. My new 750 I had to adjusted the clutch lever prior to leaving the dealership when I bought bike. No big deal since it took less than 2 minutes to adjust by hand.

    I later replace the hand grips with some high end black kuryakyn ISOGrips to get rid of the buzz hands, and I also replaced the slip on exhaust with a Bassani Performance Slip-On Muffler. Now the bike is perfect, and sounds great.

  5. I took my MSF class at the local Harley dealership. They had us on Street 500's for 3 days. Everyone in the class had issues finding Neutral but if we also found that it was easier to find coming from second instead of first gear. Weird quirk but overall I love the bike. Getting one next season.

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